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Star Alliance Screensaver

If you get on Halloween screen saver and finally want to try something different, then you should check out the Star Alliance Screen Saver. With the Star Alliance Screen Saver is no more the same, preloaded screen savers. Just as a frequent flyer, you'll know to appreciate the possibilities that has to offer the Star Alliance Screen Saver. Make an observation station for the worldwide air traffic from your computer. You can watch how to changed the air traffic of during different times of the day and will be flown in which countries the most. See the routes of many famous airlines with the Star Alliance Screen Saver.

Choose between different display modes. You may have to show you the current air traffic of the airlines in the Star Alliance in real time. The aircraft are represented as colored dots in the Star Alliance Screen Saver, so you can follow them during their flight across the globe. If your friends or family with the plane on the way, you can turn may find them on your screen saver. It has made rarely so much fun to take a break on the monitor like with the Star Alliance Screen Saver. If you like, you can show you an accelerated of air traffic. Here you see the 24 hours of the day of an airline in the time lapse into Star Alliance Screen Saver.

The Star Alliance Screen Saver you need not cumbersome include through the Control Panel, but it can easily double click install. The Star Alliance Screen Saver is very small and can be downloaded in no time. The Star Alliance Screen Saver is compatible such as Win98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7 with all of your Windows systems.

Other features of the Star Alliance screen saver:

• Cylindrical screen / Mercator.
• Automatic update of the Star Alliance FlightLookup.
• Display of movements in real time.
• Represent all Star Alliance member airlines.
• Settings by right clicking.
• Indication of the day and night regions.

Who is behind the Star Alliance Screen Saver

The Star Alliance is an Alliance, which is composed of 28 airlines. Founded in 1997, passengers around 636 million today with a fleet of 4.176 aircraft each year. It is the largest airline alliance worldwide. The company in Frankfurt am Main has its seat. The Star Alliance logo is a five-pointed star, which indicates the number of the founding members of the society.

Description of the version: Star Alliance Screensaver

The Star Alliance screensaver entertains you with the current flight routes of the airline Star Alliance. If you have your computer just not in action, you can watch aircraft on a world map from satellite view, either in real time or in a fast mode, which displays all flights that are traveling within 24 hours of you. In the world map is presented either you as entire globe with the Poland, or as a two-dimensional map of just the populated parts of the world.

The main features of the Star Alliance Screensaver:

• All flights of the Star Alliance with route on your screen
• Flights in real time or 24-hour quick mode
• 2 different maps to choose from

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