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Stair dismount is an easy-to-use puzzle for people with black humor.



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  • Updated: 22.06.2011

Stair Dismount

Stair dismount is an easy to use and free puzzle game, where you can be cruel, the stairs tumble down a 3-D stick figure with targeted kicks with a mouse click and get points for.

Stair dismount is a puzzle game. Your task is to push down the staircase to a 3-D stick figure with a kick. If you so have a sadistic streak - with stair dismount you live it out. At the beginning of the game, the 3-D male stands at the top of a steep staircase. At the bottom of the screen, you can see an image of the Dummies. Here you choose, where to best meet him want to, so he tumbles down the stairs. This is the piece of the puzzle, you need to find out where and how you meet the male the most skilled. You better choose the points, the crueler the male may crash. You chose, you wait until the power bar in the red area is, and you click on "Dismount" throws the kick. If you hit good and the Dummie quite demolished comes down to, you get points. These are measured at the injury degree of dummies and then entered in a highscore list. About this, you can compete online with your friends. For a better overview, you can change the camera angle, so no detail escapes you. You also get the matching sound to hear the male moans and Whines, you can hear even the cracking of the bones. The game is quickly installed, and since no additional configurations are needed, can you start playing immediately. You can download free stair dismount with us.

The first version of stair dismount was released in 2009. There were also the first mobile version for iPhone and iPod touch on the market this year. Stair dismount is also known as Porrasturvat.

Description of the version: Stair Dismount

The current version of stair dismount comes with some new features. Based on the degree of violation of the 3-D stick figure you will be credited points. The calculation of the points has been completely revised. Your points are entered in an online high score list, so you can compete with your friends and colleagues. To catch every detail of the fall, you can change the camera angle. Suitable to overthrow you recorded sounds like moaning, whining, or cracking.

The current features of the stair dismount in the version 1.0.3

• New, revised scoring after injury degree of dummies
• You can compete with friends via online high score list
• Switch the camera angle possible
• Appropriate noises when the fall of the Dummies

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