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  • Windows 2.2.25 | 1.6.2

Spybot - Search & destroy 1.6.2 detects and removes reliably unwanted malware or spyware.



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  • Updated: 06.03.2014

Spybot-Search & Destroy

After you download and install Spybot - Search & destroy 1.6.2 a so-called Wizard, which leads you through the steps to set up the application appears at the first program start. Here you specify first, whether Spybot - Search & destroy 1.6.2 shall set up a permanent protection for your default browser and your system files. In addition, you have the opportunity, Spybot - Search & destroy 1.6.2 to adjust so that the program will automatically check for updates. This is especially important, because the list of malware and spyware programs, after which the Spybot - Search & destroy 1.6.2 Lookout, is always up to date.

Then you will be taken to the navigation bar and can scan your system for the first time with Spybot - Search & destroy 1.6.2, by clicking on the "verify" button. The subsequent result list the detected spyware is marked in red search & destroy 1.6.2 by Spybot - while signs are green. You should check more the spyware items found out in any case, because this can represent a real threat to the security of your computer. These elements can be easily with the button "Fix selected problems". Also offers Spybot - Search & destroy 1.6.2 a whole series of additional protection features: thanks to the function "Immunize" known tracking cookies can not settle in the system. The resident SDHeper is a second reliable protective coating for your Internet Explorer, which can prevent an infection via the browser. The resident tea timer, however, Spybot - Search & destroy 1.6.2 monitors permanently all running processes and raises the alarm, if a malicious process is started. The tea timer of Spybot - Search & destroy 1.6.2 also monitors the registry and reports suspicious changes to the registry database.

Spybot - Search & destroy 1.6.2 is available on our site as a free download available. Just click on the download button to Spybot - Search & destroy 1.6.2 to download.

Spybot - Search & destroy 1.6.2 - the features:

• tracks reliably unwanted malware and spyware
• removed advertising programs, without compromising the functionality of other programs
• protects your privacy and deletes cookies, chronicles and browser behavior
• eliminates dangerous ActiveX downloads
• protects even your cell phone spyware
• Operating system: Windows 95, Windows Mobile and Symbian


The original version of the program was developed in 2000 by software engineer Patrick Michael Kolla, and is known in many countries since then.

Description of the version: Spybot-Search & Destroy

The current version of Spybot-Search & destroy offers even more comfort and security. The immunize browsers could be expanded and improved over the previous version. He is now also supported chrome browser from Google. Your current version of Opera can now also be immunized. So, Spybot protects all popular browsers from malware and adware. The difficulties encountered in the immunize of older FX, could be resolved.

The new features of Spybot Search and destroy 6.2.1

• Supported browser chrome
• Fixed compatibility issues
• Opera browser is supported
• Fast user switching supported
• Some bug fixes have been made
• Intergiertes update tool

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