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Spotify has millions of songs, which you can access from anywhere.

With Spotify, you can hear the music, you just want to hear. The selection of several million songs is not only huge but also free. You can access radio also with Spotify on countless channels and song skips. Will never get bored here friends.

The user interface of the Spotify client is similar to iTunes. You can thousands of artists, albums and songs sort and choose exactly what you like just listen; With a "page"-rating system can be assessed individual songs. Unlike iTunes, don't you have the songs on your hard drive, but playing it from the server of the Spotify service. Here, you will notice no difference just in the ways that you consume more memory.

Spotify is free of charge, for advertising is displayed. If you want to use the service but without advertising, you can switch to premium.

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Version: Spotify is available now with your E-Mail and a Facebook account is not longer required.

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