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Athletes who place value on an analysis that does not pass the software SportTracks.



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Who wants to keep his training times and above all routes in mind, SportTracks is suggested that supports the import and export of GPS data. In addition, each course can be played visually by friends.

Often, you must collect your training times and intervals onto plain paper as an athlete or but time consuming you create an Excel table. This belongs to the past SportTracks.

Focussing the software to people who exercise endurance sports, so cyclists, canoeists and or runner. You belong to one of these groups, then you can hold different values of your individual training sessions in SportTracks. So the time that was needed for a certain distance, the length of this route, the route itself using GPS data and the pace you can be arrested and also evaluated at several data.

You can hold almost everything about the own exercised endurance sport with SportTracks. Heart rate data cannot be mapped to simply statistically a certain part of a track you. Even the own equipment can be scheduled in the program and listed. The clear card, which plays back your recorded GPS data, can be either as a satellite image, map or hybrid display. SportTracks friends shows then clearly, which route you went on this map. Alternative routes are with the existing tools so wonderful lay out, measure, and plan. You can lay out self-determined work-outs you, which in hindsight is verified with by SportTracks. SportTracks is now available in 20 different languages and supports virtually all GPS enabled GARMIN devices to record routes data. A commercial Windows PC with installed .NET Framework enough to run the software.

Description of the version: SportTracks

In this SportTracks version, there are some interesting innovations. You can find a clear calendar, on which the training times are displayed, a log in which all relevant data are recorded, data summaries for the most important environmental data, etc. The new graphical presentation of a large number of data is unsurpassed and zone will be expanded continuously by the company five software. Also, always more new GPS enabled devices are supported by the software.

What's new in the SportTracks software

• Clear calendar with evaluation of training intervals
• Graphic analysis of entered data
• Support of more and more GPS devices, primarily of the Garmin brand
• Option to print reports

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