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The SpongeBob screensaver here as a free downloadable program. You have installed the SpongeBob screensaver in just a few minutes. The SpongeBob screensaver is applicable to multiple versions of Windows; on Windows 98 / NT / ME / 2000 and XP. After the installation of the SpongeBob screen saver, the grinning SpongeBob is immediately ready to drive around on your screen and disseminate good mood.

The amount of time, is the SpongeBob screensaver should activate after how many minutes, you yourself can decide. If you have set everything as you want, a new background image on your screen appears after a certain time, and SpongeBob is in the foreground, to show you his cheeky teeth. As soon as you press any key or touch the mouse, the SpongeBob screen saver on the spot disappears and you can continue working normally.

The yellow sponge head has become more and more known in the last few years and today popular not only with children, but also adolescents and adults. The SpongeBob screensaver is a welcome change, for example if you sit just in front of a debilitating speech and ever need a break. After a short conversation with the SpongeBob screensaver your funny bone are again sufficiently trained and you can continue to work in a good mood. With the SpongeBob screensaver you have no boredom more before the computer, on the contrary, a look at the humorous yellow guy gives you the necessary energy kick that you need! Who has no desire to return to the desk at this sight!

Ease of use with the SpongeBob screen saver:

• Easy handling with the SpongeBob screensaver
• Take advantage of the free offer of the SpongeBob screensaver
• Start the download SpongeBob screensaver with a simple mouse click
• Wait a few seconds until the program is installed
• Adjust the SpongeBob screensaver individually for you
• Rejoice on the small humorous variety, providing you this SpongeBob screensaver

The history of the screen saver

Do you know really why the screen saver ever invented and what was its real purpose? A screensaver originally aimed at preventing that during long periods of use of the current image in the tube screen burning up. This is possible with the current CRT and flat panel monitors but no longer. Screen saver but not have therefore lost their entertainment value. And certainly not the SpongeBob screen saver, because can be soon of your latest and trendy screensavers. Be there when the new SpongeBob screensaver more gives you the day a laugh!

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