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sPlan 7.0 is a clear and simple software to create diagrams.



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With sPlan you can create electronic schematics with the calculator.

The new version is as simple and understandable as its predecessors sPlan 7.0. You can create complete schematics with the program already after very short training time.

There is a large component library in sPlan 7.0. You can see the components on the edge of the screen and simply drag the desired components on the schematic. A safety grid, which you can freely define helps you to correct placement and wiring. You can freely move all elements in the program, turn scale and combine individual components to a group. Of course, you have the possibility to copy individual components, to cut and paste again somewhere. In the component library associated with all categories and included, everything you need for a wiring diagram for example diodes, resistors, OP's, transistors and switch. If you missing something in the library, you can with sPlan 7.0 itself also of course components create and add to the library or rearrange the entire library according to your own wishes and put together. Here are virtually no limits in sPlan 7.0 friends. You can set settings that are important to you, and you often need, in the bottom status bar, that is to say, you have to not getting extra search out in the menu. If you put an entire project, you can create 7.0 for this individual leaves with sPlan. With a mouse click, you can any sort these single sheets and switch. Background templates allow you to create your own forms for your diagrams. Automatic BOM you store all relevant data of the components, while you create your schematic. Then you can give out the structured BOM sPlan 7.0. You can also export the list and continue to edit.

a dimension function, active links with the Internet to carry out a function for creating special shapes as well as the function offers you Furthermore sPlan 7.0. With the sPlan Viewer you can print out your wiring diagrams you.

Other sPlan 7.0 features:

• Possibility to the geometric numbering of your wiring diagrams
Design simple technical drawings and constructions •
• Network-compatible library
• Automatic component numbering
• Active links are internally and externally
• Possibility of parent/child relationships of individual components

Background information on sPlan 7.0

Its predecessors sPlan 7.0 developed is of course fully compatible so why sPlan 7.0. You can just take already saved diagrams in sPlan 7.0 and continue editing. The new version is compatible but also with foreign programs of same type part.

Description of the version: sPlan

The current version of sPlan can come up with a number of useful new features. Among other things the software with the new automatic detection of component relationships helps you creating complex diagrams. The new dimension capability can integrate well angle and helps you clean and structured to dimension sophisticated detail drawings. You can edit now much more comfortable with the tool of the intersections of lines or surfaces.

The most important innovations in the current version of sPlan

• Improved and intuitive user interface
• Automatic detection of component relationships
• Advanced dimension function
• Definition of line styles
• Optional dot matrix to increase clarity
• Better linking feature of documents

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