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Spicebird is an organizer with many useful additional functions such as such as the RSS reader.



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Spicebird provides you with E-mail, an address book, a calendar and an RSS reader on a homogeneous surface. The E-Mail program of Spicebird operates on the basis of the Thunderbird and offers you diverse functions. You use the tabs to use the individual features of Spicebird.

Together, you can set the home page of the program according to your own ideas. Spicebird offers a modular system, where you can select any applets. The home, called for Spicebird home screen can contain so already the current weather data, a clock, a calendar overview and your new emails. If you regularly have the RSS feeds, you can put also the RSS reader on the home page. To set up the E-Mail program and the E-Mail addresses to use a wizard's in Spicebird. The integrated and adaptive spam filter removes digital garbage from your hard disk. Spicebird easily manages your appointments and tasks. An alarm function reminds you of important commitments. You can determine whether the reminder should occur once or at recurring intervals. In addition, you get direct access to the Jabber and GTalk message networks about Spicebird. The current beta version of Spicebird is still viable, offers a pleasant solution you but with a very user friendly alignment for scheduling and task management, and serves as a good information system.

If you want to install Spicebird on your computer, you should now press the download button. After the installation has been completed, through the integrated Wizard to setup your user account for your E-Mail program and under options, specify how your home will look like. Then you can begin already to fill the program with life and capture your appointments and tasks.

The features of Spicebird

• Customizable start page
• Integrated Configuration Wizard
• Integrated RSS reader
• E-Mail using Thunderbird
• Direct access to news networks
• Automated alarm function

System requirements and download

Spicebird is designed for the operating systems Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and 2003, Windows NT, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The download file size is 10 megabytes, and the program is available for free download on the Internet. For all configuration options, a built-in Wizard to the page's.

Description of the version: Spicebird

Spicebird is an evolution of Thunderbirds as free software for E-mail, instant messaging and calendar planning. In addition to the advantages of Thunderbirds, it offers many new options. On your own homepage, you get an overview of RSS reader, weather, time, calendar and the latest emails. In another tab will take you to the email server, which is similar to the presentation of Thunderbirds, or your personal diary. You are looking for variety, you can chat with your friends via Jabber or GTalk.

The Spicebirds features at a glance

• Optimum E-Mail management
• Personal Scheduler
• Your own home with many features
• Jabber and GTalk as staff Massengers
• Quick change between the individual tabs

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