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The SpeedBit video accelerator speeds up the viewing of Internet video in the browser.



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SpeedBit Video Accelerator

With the SpeedBit video accelerator you watch Internet videos faster and above all smoothly. Often the buffer of the videos needed too long to load, what will be eliminated from the software. Thus, even slower Internet connections can watch Web videos.

The SpeedBit video accelerator makes Internet videos faster run. You need no longer wait for a video is loaded, or in between accept juddering. You simply download the software to your browser and launch videos from video platforms that are supported. The most popular platforms and more than one hundred more are in any case. The SpeedBit video accelerator behaves simply in the background and speeds up the rendering of the video. This reduces the program buffer problems and interruptions are thus prevented.

After the installation supports the SpeedBit video accelerator the most popular browsers automatically. You surf as usual, and the program does the work. The software also includes a built-in search engine that can find videos on supported platforms. Thus, no longer you have to go extra on each side, to watch videos, but can comfortably use the program for this purpose. The software remembers the last search and automatically shows you your most recently viewed videos. Thus, it is no problem, to repeat the videos again.

The SpeedBit video accelerator designed to speed up the display of Web videos. Thus, also users of slower Internet connections can watch videos on the Internet. Depending on the speed of your connection, the effect is that faster connections can watch anyway smooth videos. Advantage is the program in any case, if users don't know exactly how fast is the present connection.

Description of the version: SpeedBit Video Accelerator

In the latest version of SpeedBit Accelerator expanded the list of available video services. Thus, you can speed up videos on over 150 platforms. The developer reveals friends on his homepage, what services that are accurate. In addition to the most popular browsers, more unknown types are supported such as, for example, Maxthon and flock. Continue to accelerate the software Internet videos about reducing buffer problems. This has a positive effect especially for slower Internet connections.

The most important functions in the SpeedBit video accelerator

• Accelerate the videos on over 150 platforms
• Integrate the software into known and also lesser-known browsers
• Reduce buffer problems when watching Internet videos
• Optimize slow Internet connections for Web videos

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