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The small system spy Speccy displays important information about each PC component.



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Who wanted to have always quickly all important key figures to his PC, has found a small ad-free solution with Speccy. The program displays all relevant data clearly summarized.

Do you sometimes wonder what course in your PC at all? What parts and what a performance he has? You can do this with the small and convenient program Speccy now easily and comfortably. Simply download and analyze your PC - free.

After you have started the small program, it takes a little while, and Speccy provides you all information on your PC available. These go far beyond the information provided by Windows. An overview of the most important areas of your PC will be displayed in the summary. In each of the areas you can get then more detailed information. In terms of operating system you will learn everything important about your Windows installation, so what version, what for a serial number, etc. The CPU category tells you important things about your processor, such as timing and cache size. The button RAM, Speccy shows you all relevant information about your volatile memory. Here, the size is of course important, as also the timing or, where appropriate, of the manufacturer. Your motherboard or all key data you appear under the same item, here you will find information such as the current BIOS version. You get displayed in the optical drives everything there is to know about your CD or DVD drives, points like speed in reading and writing are important here. Your sound card data will be displayed with the point audio and your connected devices, as for example, the mouse or the keyboard you can find information at the periphery. Last but not least, Speccy can tell you much information into your network infrastructure.

Description of the version: Speccy

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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