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The shooting game "Space Invaders" seems from grandfather's days. It promises to thrill and excitement.



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Space Invaders

"Space Invaders" is a classic shooting game, which is modeled after an original from the 1970s. Simple graphics and tasks make the appeal of shoot-'em-up game "Space Invaders" out.

At "Space Invaders" you're face alone numerous series of well ordered aliens as a player. The in rank and link side attacks pretend competing attackers and swaying from left to right. At the same time, they're slowly getting closer while they shoot at you. Your task is prohibiting the hostile intruders because to reach the bottom of the screen. For this purpose, are you equipped as a defender with endless ammunition, always only have to reload. One of the aliens penetrates up to you and your gun, you lose a life.

"Space Invaders" is a classic shooting game - a so-called shoot-'em-up game - the first generation. Inventor of the original was the legendary Toshihiro Nishikado in 1978 developed one of the first computer / video games ever with "Space Invaders".

The available downloadable freeware is an authentic look remake of the classic "Space Invaders". As a free Flash game "Space Invaders" runs on all major operating systems. Of course you need a Flash Player on your browser (for example the free Macromedia Flash Player), to be able to play it. The game "Space Invaders" by author CyberiaPC the well-known model applicable copies 16.2 KB in file size. Far away from modern background graphics, 3-d effects or acoustic highlights the game you probably more reminiscent of the antique game boy of your father as a computer game. But just the classic setting and the simple, effective graphical representation make up the charm of the remake of "Space Invaders".

Description of the version: Space Invaders

The Flash game "Space Invaders" is the latest of the numerous remakes of the classic from 1978. As with every shoot-'em-up game it comes to keep free the own camp by hostile forces. The attackers are aliens that blow to in orderly rows on you and your gun. Your task is to beat back the attacking "space invaders". One penetrates them up to your camp, you lose a life. The present version is graphically reminiscent of the original.

Flash game as freeware: "Space Invaders"

• Free download of the remake
• Detail reminiscent of the original
• Classic graphics and animation
• Game fun despite easier presentation and task
• Language of the game: German

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