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With space bubbles, you can enjoy not only the skill, but also a lot of fun.



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Space Bubbles

You can download just the free version of space bubbles you on the Internet and now the fun can begin. If you have the previous version BubbleBobble played, you will recognize some familiar details in the game of space bubbles. Space bubbles is based exactly on BubbleBobble, except that the fun now awaits you in space. Responsiveness and accuracy are required. You need to assemble rows of multicolored balls in the game of space bubbles and then shoot them with much skill with colored cannon balls from the screen.

On the playing surface, lots of colorful balls on the ceiling hanging from space bubbles. You must try to shoot certain symbols that appear in irregular sequence on the screen, with a special ball cannon. As a result, you get the possibility to merge multiple balls of one color together. Once you have added several balls of one color together, they disappear from the game. So you didn't win still long, because when space bubbles immediately new balls move up.

Have you mastered the entry into space bubbles with flying colors, the slightly more challenging arcade mode waiting for you. The gameplay is here exactly so, only that you have to be committed, to destroy as many balls as possible. Then, the challenge mode awaits you in the game of space bubbles. Here begins the exciting game against the clock. In this mode, the objective is that you will destroy as many balls as possible within a given time limit. With a little practice it will surely you able and you can continue to play space bubbles in the puzzle Variant. Here awaits you a special challenge, because is no longer just about destroying the coloured balls, but shoot free additional diamonds.

Important information

• Freeware
• Different levels of play make for voltage
• Responsiveness and accuracy are in demand
• Operating system Windows 98, 98SE,2000, Windows Vista and XP
• File size 6.6 MB
• In English

Operating systems

Space bubbles runs under the operating systems Windows 98, 98SE, 2000 and on Windows Vista and XP. Space bubbles has only one file size 6.6 MB, it requires not too much space on your computer's hard drive. Unfortunately, space bubbles runs in English only, but the gameplay is so clearly designed and built, that you will have certainly no difficulty.

Description of the version: Space Bubbles

Space bubbles follows the principle of a well-known and popular game. Space bubbles you see colored balls on the screen. It aims to shoot down all the balls with a cannon. For this you need to form rows of same color balls. These new balls move up. There are three different game variations. In Arcade mode you will destroy as many rows as possible and in the challenge mode, you play against the clock. In the puzzle you can shoot freely, hidden diamonds in.

Space bubbles play for boring hours

• Free download
• Different game variations
• Different levels
• Outer space atmosphere on the screen
: File size 6.6 MB
• For Win 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista

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