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Sound Forge Pro

Sound Forge is suitable for musicians and producers who dream of coming up in the music business. As a private user you will have your pleasure. The program allows the entire working process, from the first recording up to the final burn, carry with a single program. Also the scoring of music videos, movies or other phonograms is easy by hand with sound forge. Digital audio restorations are possible.

The functional density of sound forge knows how to convince. You can edit both Mono, stereo and multi channel files and mix. The program offers also all the editing features you know from other audio editors. The export of the Dolby Digital AC-3 format is also possible with sound forge. The various recording tools, with quality sound, music or voice recordings are a breeze prove to be very handy. Over 40 professional sound effects and processes such as noise gate, chorus or normalize offer almost unlimited possibilities to create your own soundtrack to your liking. Sound forge supports in the music and film industry used video formats such as AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV.

Whether you are looking for a program for the sound design of your films, hold an editing or remastering tool for your own songs or other claims. Sound forge satisfies almost all. The program is available for the operating systems Windows XP, Vista and the new Windows 7. To work with sound forge, your system should have free disk space, 512 MB of RAM and a built-in sound card at least a 1 GHz processor, 350 MB. Should be packed you have the ambition, sound forge test today, by dragging down the demo version over the appropriate download button. The shareware version is available without restriction for 30 days and will lead you into the world of professional sound and music editing.

What has everything to offer sound forge:

• Become a music producer and produce professional soundtracks.
• Sound quality in 24 - and 32-bit.
• Precise sound editing, that your recordings sound better leave.
• With practical audio recording capabilities.
• With over 40 filters and effects.
• Going to the sound designer and put on the soundtrack of music videos or movies.

Sound forge and its development history

Sound forge was originally developed by the software company Sonic Foundry, and released. in 2003, a large part of the company, including sound forge product family bought Sony for $18 million. Since then, Sony takes care of the further development of the program series.

Description of the version: Sound Forge Pro

Sound forge Pro has always been standards in the processing of audio files, and the new version seamlessly continues this. So event-based editing is now as new features such as disc-at-once CD burning. Dls files of individual instruments in formats,. sf2 and .gig can now be processed. In addition, there is a metadata now window and more new features and fixes that make the job easier.

Features of the new version of sound forge Pro 10.0

• Event-based editing is now possible
• Burn CDs as disc-at-once
• Processing of files of individual instruments
• A metadata window is now available

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