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Sound control is a freeware that lets you control the sound settings using the keyboard.



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Sound Control

With sound control, you have the audio control directly under your fingers: you control the Windowsklänge easily using the keyboard. So, you can regulate for example audio volume of your computer using the keyboard with the freeware sound control. Also changing between different audio sources is possible without problems. If you wish, you can with sound control also the audio player Winamp control via your keyboard. With just a few keyboard shortcuts, you now have full control and a super fast access.

Sound control is a very flexible software that adapts to your needs: you can choose the different keyboard shortcuts and save according to your personal preferences. There is a configuration dialog where you can set keyboard shortcuts and also change in sound control. The operation via keyboard shortcuts, you will save time and nerves. If you once used to the benefits of the operation from the keyboard to have, you never want to miss it. You will be amazed by the software.

Sound control presents to you almost without your own interface: the freeware disappears when you want it from the screen, or it latches in the system tray. So it is very unobtrusive and fits effectively into your system. Via an on screen display you can get with the sound control on for example the volume, the title of the current song, or the audio source that is currently playing friends. Graphical bar then show you the desired information.

Sound control - the most important functions and features at a glance

• Audio volume using keyboard control
• Switch between different audio sources
• Remote control of Winamp via keyboard
• easy to use with keyboard shortcuts
• On screen display
• Operating system: at least. Windows 95

Sound control - operating system, download, installation

If you want to download the free software sound control, you can do here easy and quick. The file has a size of 613 kilobytes. The download will begin by alone, if you pressed the button. In a few moments, sound control is then on your computer. The download and the installation is very easy, you can do nothing wrong. You should have about one of the following operating systems to make sound control: Windows 95 / 98 / 98 SE / Me / 2000 / NT / XP.

Description of the version: Sound Control

In the new version of sound control, you can set additional own keyboard shortcuts for various commands. This allows a faster and easier handling of the software. Sound control v2. 48 ruled in a variety of languages, to facilitate the work with this freeware for users from all over the world. The new adds and updates make your sound control v2. 48 even faster and easier to use.

New features of the latest version of sound control

• Establishment of own keyboard shortcuts for various commands
• Support multiple languages, such as German and English
• Many new adds and updates to the ease of access, such as the new playlist

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