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With Sophos Antirootkit you can delete rootkits quickly and easily on your computer.



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Sophos Antirootkit

Maybe you are wondering now, what ever is a rootkit. To do this, it can be said that a rootkit is a Trojan or a similar technology that installs itself without anyone noticing your virus protection software on your computer. Target of rootkits is to prevent to install anti virus software programs or other programs you. To do this, hide programs, files, configuration data, and data movement on your computer in the network. Translated from English means rootkit also administrator Kit. With the software Sophos Antirootkit, you may remove these rootkits without any risk to the health of the system. Sophos Antirootkit of also removes rootkits, you got caught you before the installation of the program.

The application and the operation of the software Sophos Antirootkit is very straightforward and easy. You may use Sophos Antirootkit on graphical user interface, or you can just start it from the command line. These are two versions of Sophos Antirootkit. System requirements for the Sophos Antirootkit are Windows NT, 2000, 2003 or XP. Even if you already have an antivirus program installed, no difficulties will arise during the installation of Sophos Antirootkit. Please note that Sophos Antirootkit requires at least 128 MB RAM on your computer.

In any case, you should use Sophos Antirootkit if your computer current security patches is not equipped. And even if a malware infection was detected on your computer. All folder directories, processes, and registry entries are searched by Sophos Antirootkit. After the search results appear in a mini tool friends. Here, you have also the possibility to delete the detected rootkits.

Functions of the Sophos Antirootkit

• Detection and removal of rootkits
• Easy management and user friendly
• Results are displayed in a mini tool
• Runs via GUI or command line
• Uses standard Windows installation and uninstallation
• Supports all major Windows operating systems

Background information on the software manufacturer of Sophos Antirootkit

The firm of Sophos is represented with offices around the world. Sophos was founded in 1997 in Germany. The offices are in Aachen, Mainz, Oberursel, and Munich in Germany. Analyst circles, Sophos is regarded as a company leading industries. Sophos provides IT-security solutions for the deployment and management.

Description of the version: Sophos Antirootkit

The current version of the software from Sophos Antirootkit called can convince you with some new features that are very useful and appropriate. The enhanced rootkit detection technology identifies the malicious software on your machine very reliable and removes them immediately. Because the rootkit removal due to the health of the system must be done discreetly, an enhanced rootkit management system tool was integrated into the application to the higher security.

The most important innovations in the current version of Sophos Antirootkit.

• Optimized identification detection technology for Rookit
• Greater system integrity through advanced management function
• Removal of rootkits that were present before installation
• Improved user interface

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