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The blue hedgehog from SEGA comes with the Sonic fan remix now on the computer.



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Sonic Fan Remix

The Sonic fan remix is a tribute to the first match with the blue hedgehog. The graphic has been significantly improved in the remix and there are some new scenes, but yet the original character of the game is not lost.

The famous blue hedgehog comes with Sonic fan remix on your screen. The game is a remake of the games Sonic the Hedgehog, which was originally developed for the SEGA Game gear. The controls are simple and easy to understand. With the arrow buttons you can move Sonic in all directions, for a crack using the SPACEBAR. Do you want to give the Hedgehog even more speed, holding down the arrow button easily. The objective is to fight your enemies and collect as many gold rings. You can beat your opponents by just jumping on it. Otherwise you come with them in touch, you lose all your rings.

In Sonic fan remix you will encounter old level and new wallpapers. Dr. Robotnik sends its technical creatures into battle again and you will find a large part of the rings only when you look really everywhere. In addition to the moving opponents, you have to take you in eight even before the water. You play the level on time. You are faster to the target, the higher are your endpoints. A special highlight is the greatly improved graphics and also the sound of the game has been significantly revised by the manufacturer.

The program of the Sonic fan remix English. For download of jump & run games, you need the Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 operating system. The Sonic fan remix has a file size of 113.8 MB. After downloading, you can start the game by clicking on the file. It starts, then the Enter button of the keypad of your computer is to press.

Description of the version: Sonic Fan Remix

In the first full version of Sonic fan remix you will find classic elements from the original, coupled with new features. An enhanced and customized sound and a revised graphics ensure a varied gaming experience. The animated wallpapers are presented in detail and the physics of the game has also been improved. Classic indicator of the Sonic games, like the strident colors and the high speed of a hedgehog, were also in the remake persisted. The difficulty also increases with each level.

Sonic fan remix - features and enhancements

• Acquisition of famous scenes from the original by SEGA
• New wallpapers with animation
• Enhanced graphics and outdated sound
• New opponents from Dr. Robotniks workshop

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