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Songbird provides MediaPlayer, song and video management, song search on the Web and dynamic playlists



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Songbird is a free program from the home of Mozilla is a music software that brings together browser and Media Player. Functions of a media player be combined with offers on the Web. This lets you create dynamic playlists.

With Songbird, you have the possibility to combine the functions of a local media player with Web services. After the installation, you can use a Setup Wizard to configure Songbird and import such as your stored songs and videos. Over the menu option "File" - "Language" you can change the language to German. You can use skins to customize the look of the player.

Songbird as a normal Media Player behaves on your computer. Your stored tracks are displayed sorted by list or filter view by artist, album or song, and you can play all popular music and video formats. The GStreamer is used as playback engine. Even if you have a large collection of music files, these will be processed quickly. You can create playlists and drag songs via drag -and-drop in your library. Over the menu option "show metadata" get you the ID3 tags, you can also edit. With the integrated browser, you can surf in the Internet and search for further information about your songs. You're on websites with MP3 files, finds this Songbird and creates automatically dynamic playlists.

You can download Songbird free with us. On the manufacturer's website, you can get additional plug-in, add-ons and skins, which you can use to customize your player and expand. Songbird is an open-source project Mozilla-based and is being developed by the Group of "Pioneers of the Inevitable". The first version was released in 2006, since the application's features and the additional extensions are evolving.

Description of the version: Songbird

The latest version of Songbird offers some innovations. You can use now available "on-the-fly playlists". The function of "Meta data" was revised so that you now even quicker and easier can edit the ID3 tags of your songs. The performance has been revised, this search and filter results are displayed faster. You surf using the built-in browser on music pages, Songbird is missing information about your songs and created by found MP3 files automatically dynamic playlists.

The current functions of Songbird in version 1.9.3

• Always available on-the-fly playlists
• Automatic creation of dynamic playlists
• Comfortable song search on the Web through built-in browser
• Edit the ID3 tags
• Individual extensibility through plug-in the and Add-ons

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