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Who wants to know more about his PC, with regard to the start, the attacks to Soluto.



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Soluto is the ideal solution to measure how long your PC needs to shut up completely. The Visual output is a very good indicator, when the computer is finally fully ramped.

The software Soluto gives you booting your PC completely into the handle. Take several minutes to start your PC and you're close to the border of the frustration, then, Soluto can help you. After you have installed Soluto and new start, latches Soluto in your boot process and measures the time that need individual programs within the process. Arrive on your Windows desktop, the boot process is still not long to end. Soluto is then graphically and stops the time with, that each operation required to be loaded. This time for you is not satisfactory, you can directly look at the software, what programs have claimed the most time during the boot process. You will then clearly listed, what program has used the longest and fastest has been loaded.

For easy understanding, of which you can delete and which are not, these colour deposited. Ranging from green for "can be removed without further ADO" about red for "you should know what you're doing" grey processes or programs that you can not remove. Very well can be display but all kinds of information about the individual points, to get better insight, what about when you start your PC will be loaded. In expert mode you get yet once more fully explained and demonstrated what the individual process causes and what he is.

Soluto is suitable for all those whose PC once again not about boots up and runs too slowly. You get a good look at the boot process with the tool Soluto.

Description of the version: Soluto

Soluto offers some interesting features in the current version. You can analyze your complete boot process in the program and make adjustments by the time values that you then get to your system. It works communitybasierend, and therefore you will benefit from any user who has installed the program on your computer. In expert mode you can show you more information about the individual processes in the boot process and help you make.

Features and advances in the software Soluto

• Review the complete boot process of your computer
• Individual processes can be removed under the guidance of the boot process
• Exchange of data collected on the own community

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