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  • Windows 2011

SolSuite 2010 is a comprehensive collection of solitaire games with many additional options.



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  • Updated: 26.10.2013


SolSuite 2010 of course includes all known variants of solitaire card game. Certainly you know only from Windows already FreeCell and Spider Solitaire, because these are natural in SolSuite 2010. But before we go to the versions, we want to deal briefly with another feature, that the game never gets boring you will make. Because you can set pretty much everything in SolSuite 2010, like you want it. That starts with a selection of 80 different decks, which exposes you to a wide variety of game cards. From classical variants on the funny versions with emoticons to those with historical monuments or the views of ancient Romans or Greeks. The choice is yours.

It continues then SolSuite 2010 with choosing of the reverse side. Over 300 different backs are the selection available, from which you can select your favorite image. This occur then once more than 100 backgrounds that you can adjust in SolSuite 2010. And if you are not enough, you can use an own image as a background. Also everything else in the game is adjustable. So, you can adjust the sounds and animations in SolSuite 2010 and determine how many opponents you want to play. The number of your opponents is this unlimited! You can do unlimited undo all made moves in, and of course you can save the game at any time, stop and later download to play.

To start a new game in SolSuite 2010, you can either directly enter the number of the game or surprise you. Complete the package with detailed statistical functions that provide you all information about your previous games available. Thus is a hours of game play with friends or even alone nothing in the way. SolSuite 2010 but directly just to try it out and it via the download function here from our site download. And your scores you can on the Internet then publish and compare your performance in SolSuite 2010 with the achievements of other players around the world.

SolSuite 2010 features:

• Collection of solitaire games
• more than 500 different versions available
• 80 Card sets, more than 300 card backs available
• Multiplayer mode
• 30 Day trial
• for Windows XP, me, 2000, 98, NT, Windows Vista and Windows 7

Background of SolSuite 2010

SolSuite 2010 is an offer by and one of the probably most extensive collections of solitaire games.

Description of the version: SolSuite

The current version of SolSuite boasts some impressive new features. The software includes a variety of solitaire games, so you have the opportunity to get more of that player in a package. The backs of the cards can be made variable, and the designs of the game cards are designed very beautifully. You can make the background according to your ideas or even your own songs.

The most important innovations in the current version of SolSuite

• new appealing design of the cards
• Back of the cards can be customized
• Background display is flexibly adaptable
• better selection feature of the individual game variations from list

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