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Soldier offers an action-packed gameplay with great fun factor and high addiction potential.



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  • Updated: 28.02.2011


Stand facing your enemy as a soldier on the battlefield, and defeat him with a large selection of absolutely lethal, military weapons. In addition to an action-packed game play, soldier ensures the correct splatter factor is reinforced by some interesting Extras! Let's hunt countless explosions across your screen and hold your moments of triumph with the integrated action snapshot. It got you, spawnst you like at the big models simply with your soldier and can throttle back. Seven exciting modes of play offer lots of fun, change and request your skills. You battle through as a lone warrior - soldier against soldier - in Deathmatch mode, or as a whole unit in the team Deathmatch. Capture the enemy flag in capture the flag and bring them to your own base. Defend or loot the black flag in infiltration. In the Rambomatch about mow down what turns you into the path and heal yourself, as long you are in the possession of John Rambo bow. So much to mention only a few modes.

You Tobe from 63 exciting maps or create yourself your own with the integrated Map Maker soldier and the soldier interface maker. Share your maps, tools and mods with a huge fan community on the soldier home page. Develop new battles and obstacles or get inspired just by other custom maps. Be part of soldier and make sure that the fun factor not rip off.

Zocke soldier against intelligent bots, alone or together with your friends in the multiplayer mode. No matter whether at LAN parties or over the Internet. Miss you in the fight against real opponents. Replace the built-in chat with your team-mates you. In addition, an interface for TeamSpeak2 is programmed. So you can play entertained and tactically without interrupting you with your comrades, what keeps this stuff.

The best features at a glance:

• 18 deadly weapons
• 7 Game modes
• 63 different maps
• Lots of blood
• Built-in editors
• Free of charge

The new soldier - better than before. 
Already, the predecessor versions of soldier were a huge success. The new version in the race went after months of development. Fixed some bugs and errors, existing features have been improved and many features have been newly added. Almost no longer is better!

Description of the version: Soldat

The action game soldier can inspire you with a whole range of great, updated features, that will make not only the single player in you joy, but can convince even in multiplayer. The arsenal of soldier is so extensive that no limits are your strategies. And if you even should get together not enough people for your multiplayer games, you can easily add bots.

The main features of the 2D-Actionspiels soldier

• Both single - and multiplayer mode
• Are the players huge arsenals available
• Team matches, deathmatches, and many other variants can be selected
• Bots can be added to multiplayer games

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