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With the new solar system Simulator, you can explore every nook and cranny of our solar system.



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Solar System 3D Simulator

You wanted to know ever more about our solar system? Then, the new solar system Simulator is the right choice for you. He takes you to the far reaches of the universe and informed detail about the individual planets and other celestial bodies. The Solar System Simulator represents an exact replica of the planetary system and introduces the basic concept of the universe. The realistic, pictorial illustration of our nine planets, impresses with a unique image quality. The current Solar System Simulator leaves no wish unfulfilled and presented our universe, as it is in reality. The speed of the rotating planet is inspired by nature.

On this page, you can quickly and easily download the new solar system Simulator and install on your computer with just one click. The Solar System Simulator works independently, it is used also by every laymen. You can make various settings, for example, you can change the velocity and study this gravity and its effects. With the Solar System Simulator study of our solar system fun especially friends. The Solar System Simulator for you provides many essential information.

Travel with your friends through our Milky Way and visit the Jupiter or Mars. Also you can look at all harmless the Sun from close friends. All is possible with the Solar System Simulator. You want to make a trip to the Moon? Then start the Solar System Simulator and it can go. With the built-in zoom function it is you possible, very close to the go planet and analyze its surface structure. Each space researchers will envy you. The 3D animation takes you to unprecedented distances.

The new solar system Simulator at a glance:

• Introduces the basic concepts of the universe
• Provides information about the planets in the solar system
• 3D simulation
• Exact imitation of the planetary motions
• Integrated zoom function
• Contains the most important data on our planet

System requirements for the current Solar System Simulator

You need for the new solar system Simulator the operating system Microsoft Windows 98, me, Windows NT, 2000 or XP and a processor with a clock speed of at least 166 megahertz. Your computer should have a memory of at least 156 megabytes and a free disk space of at least 10 megabytes. You will also need a video and graphics card.

Description of the version: Solar System 3D Simulator

The current version of the solar system 3D Simulator offers to you now the advantage, directly in the application and the representation of the constellations of the planets interfere. With optimized sliders you can adjust speeds, angles and orbits and calculate the appropriate values for the orbital periods, for example friends. Are now in a 3D-Farbabdruck, so that you can be offered more impressive views.

The new features of the current version of solar system 3D Simulator

• Calculation of solar energy values and chemical details
• Simulation of a solar eclipse
• Improved representation through 3D visualization
• Angle and size can be customized

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Screenshots: Solar System 3D Simulator

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