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Push the crates was never so fascinating as with the classic game Sokoban.



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Your task is quite easy. As Sokoban, you're the Manager of a warehouse and have to push a number of boxes at their prescribed positions. That sounds only once not difficult and is also easy to handle in the first levels of Sokoban. However, you can push the boxes in one direction only, and that is forward. Do you push the box in a different direction, you have to go so behind the box. But sometimes that goes directly at Sokoban, because the box is with exactly the page from which you had to push on a wall. You have to slide the box anywhere else of you come up to the required page.

Here, you can move but always more than 1 box and not 2 or more in Sokoban. Therefore, you just gotta watch where you're pushing the boxes, so that you verbaust you not the ways of solving. And that would then also almost the whole game principle of Sokoban explained. Move the boxes in your warehouse so that you can slide to the Stockyards for this forward. But be careful, because even in the arrangement on the campsites you can is build in Sokoban with only a wrong train access to the remaining storage locations. Luckily you can undo one or several steps in this version of the game and save your progress and load, so that a wrong train yet all is not lost.

In addition to the 50 original levels of Sokoban, you can download additional levels, because the program can load also the level developed by other enthusiasts and thus face before new tricky tasks. Variation is there in addition through the different skins, so that you can make also visually from varied levels of Sokoban. You simply download the game from our page about the offered download and discover the fascination of Sokoban.

Features of Sokoban:

• Skill game
• 50 original levels and more available
• Playable online and offline
• Scores can be saved
• Freeware
• For Windows 9 x

Background information on Sokoban

developed in 1982 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi and 1984 presented to the general public, was Sokoban very quickly due to its simple and at the same time ingenious gameplay to a genuine classic. Now there are in addition to the 50 original levels many enhancements and updates, and even after almost 30 years, you can determine that the game has lost none of its fascination.

Description of the version: Sokoban

Sokoban is a classic that will convince you once again in this version of Windows. You're a worker who is to push boxes in a narrow warehouse at predetermined points. But caution - the way to the solution is not always evident, and sometimes you have to move several times boxes, to pave the way for other boxes. A total of 50 new, increasingly difficult levels are initial available.

Properties of Sokoban version 1.6.2

• Adaptation of the well-known games classic
• 50 original levels available
• Control via mouse possible
• Editor to create your own level
• Import and export of level sets possible

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