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Include 15 different tools that provide information about specific data the snow StandAlone gadgets.



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Snow StandAlone Gadgets

The snow StandAlone gadgets offer numerous tools for the Windows based computer and support users in their daily lives. They appear in gleaming white and therefore are easy to find on the desktop.

The new snow StandAlone, you get 15 helpful tools gadgets for your Windows computer. They support both Windows 7 and Vista as XP. Thanks to this snow-white gadgets, you can keep all the data relevant to you in the eye and must not constantly looking for the right tools. The gadgets will be lifted by a snow-white radiance from the rest of the desktop and are always quick to find. In the collection you can find many helpful features like a digital clock, a date display, the current weather at a settable site and clearly visible notes that remind you of important events.

You can immediately after the hassle-free installation to your desktop add the desired snow StandAlone gadgets and also easy to remove if necessary. The download is free and the installation is carried out automatically. With the snow StandAlone gadgets, you can keep your processor utilization and the performance of your computer at a glance and also check the runtime of your computer.

You can choose between different representations and customize each tool to your needs. So you keep the time and date in sight at all times or can check the size of your Recycle Bin. The snow StandAlone gadgets are decorated in a bright white to enable a rapid location and a touch of luxury to the desktop. Under the gadgets you will find also a network gadget gives the information about your Internet connection and your IP address. With the gadgets "Folders" and "Links", you can link your libraries and call important Web pages directly from your desktop.

Description of the version: Snow StandAlone Gadgets

With the snow of StandAlone get 15 snow-white tools, that are at any time to find and offer you many ways gadgets. So, you can display the time to you using a digital clock or access to the current date. In addition, you can keep always your CPU utilization and performance, as well as the runtime of your computer at a glance. Your Windows libraries can be linked with each other, and you can access the most important Web pages directly from your desktop with just one mouse click.

The 15 snow StandAlone gadgets offer you the following:

• Display date and time
• Display of CPU usage and time of the computer
• Snow White gadgets on the desktop
• Display of IP address and Internet connection
• Display the Recycle Bin size and important notes
• Fast searchable tools

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