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Snow for Windows brings a Christmas snow on your screen.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Snow for Windows

Snow for Windows is a program that allows you to make your desktop without taking sacrificing functionality in buying winter. Everything you need for work, surfing or chatting, remains fully accessible if you trickle snow for Windows snow flakes on your screen.

After a while, you will notice that small masses of snow is accumulating on the top edges of open Windows on the taskbar. Small trees here and there the winter overall impression is rounded off. A thick polar bear Plods along comfortably between trash and "Own files" and will not irritate the reindeer, which pull in the background across the sky. Flying reindeer? Yes, and Santa Claus is of course also with the game. It's about something too fast? Of course something can also change, for snow for Windows has very extensive configuration options.

Snow for Windows is one of these programs, in which almost all modify can. The software includes no less than thirteen types of snowflakes, which have Moreover if you like slightly psychedelic, colour adapt. In addition to color, shape and density of snowflakes, you can adjust for Windows also the thickness of the page wind, in snow, which vertically down trickle the snow leaves according to taste, or whips in squalls across your desktop. You can set the size and speed of the reindeer stands and the polar bears and of course equally of the screen pull over several. If you're in so much graphic splendor in snow for Windows worries about your computing power, be calm: CPU usage by snow for Windows is also adjustable in the configuration menu.

A few details on snow for Windows:

• Desktop remains fully operable
• many different types of snow
• animated polar bear and Santa Claus
• very extensive configuration options
• runs on almost all Windows systems and Mac OS X
• free 10-day trial version

Snow for Windows is not a "Christmas fairy tale"

Snow for Windows is currently in version 1.6 and believed the information on the developer homepage, located since say and write 1984 (!) in the development. How snow for Windows must have looked on an Apple Macintosh or an Amstrad/Schneider CPC, is certainly hard to imagine. Still may be the setting of the developers to the business side of software development comes from the "good old days". Entirely in keeping with the shareware scene you can test Windows for for ten days snow fully functional.

Description of the version: Snow for Windows

Winter on your PC! Snow for Windows it's snowing on your screen, and the snow accumulates on your icons and Windows and is always higher. Christmas trees are available on the desktop, Santa flying his sleigh of reindeer across the screen, and then when also polar bears show up and populate the monitor. For the upcoming winter and Christmas time just right.

Functions of snow for Windows in version 1.6

• Create a wintery atmosphere on your screen
• Current version includes trees, polar bear and Santa Claus with reindeer sleigh
The falling snow is deposited on icons and Windows •

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