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Snood is a fun game for all ages and can be played alone or to many.



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Snood is a type of puzzle game and works much like Tetris, but much more colorful, moving - just funny! Aim of the game is to group three or more same Snoods (small, colorful smileys) in horizontal or vertical lines together at.

Snood works quite simply by shooting a random smiley from the sidelines to the field. It lands next to two or more smilies of the same type, this grouping of the box disappears. New Snoods are emerging. The more groups you with Snood collect, the better and the higher the score. When you have collected all smileys from the playing field, you won the Snood game. While they must act quickly, because the more smileys occupy the playing field, the higher the danger-pillar at the edge of the pitch rise. It is full, all smileys fall down one level further. If they then touch the bottom of the box: game over! To group Snoods and fetch them from the playing field the danger mark will decline again. Also the ceiling of the Snood moves field slowly down, if no results are reached. So the danger is that the smileys between ceiling and floor are crushed. Even then, the Snood is game to end. In most versions of Snood is not limited, so you can play up to drop!

There are normal and special Snoods. For example "NUMBSKULL" is one of the special Snoods. He looks like a wicked skull. He can not be shot from the edge of the playing field, can make so no groups. If he shows up at the beginning of the game on the field, he must be isolated from the other Snoods. By dropping it can be eliminated from the field. The other three special smileys appear at and can be shot from the edge of the Snood game field. "Stone" E.g. destroyed all smileys that are next to him on the field. "Wild Card" spins wildly through the crowd of Snood smileys and can used as a wildcard will be. "Rowbuilder" is a horizontal row with same, regular Snoods, which can then easily be shot down.

Additional information about Snood

• Various levels of difficulty available
• Constant updates and new versions for download
• Available as a free download
• To acquire cheap full version
• There is an add-on for iphones and other mobile phones
• Can be played as online game with other users

The developers of the game

David Dobson is designer and inventor of the originating from the United States computer game Snood. He is a Professor of geology in Greensboro, North Carolina. In addition to his family and music, he has devoted himself in his spare time of the development of computer games: so also Snood as hobby originated.

Description of the version: Snood

The new version of Snood exquisite features a completely redesigned graphics and nice background music. Also in the new version, you must use your entire acumen to finally free the trapped Snoods. To further increase the challenges, the version features to new and numerous difficulty levels. Also the high addiction factor has been preserved in the new version. Challenge yourself now and save the Snoods.

Overview of the features in the game Snood

• Revised and appealing graphics
• Numerous new difficulty levels are manually adjustable
• Version for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
• New Snood network with personalized account

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