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Snes9x brings back memories of the glorious 2D-Zeit and summons the good spirit of the SNES.



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If you are a child of the 90s and at the sight of Red plumber caps in blissful memories of the good old time sink was the game world in order and in 2D, Snes9x is just right for you.

But also all others who have a heart for 16-bit game consoles, finger nail large pixels, exploding colours and brilliant game concepts, will beat the timeless classic of game of the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) in its spell. The Snes9x - a full-featured emulator for your PC that is now available as a freeware makes it possible.

Who can we thank?
The nostalgic by have studied the software piece of jewellery during their leisure time, programmed in C++, and made available to the Internet community. While Snes9x delivers with no games, the King of consoles takes many of its crown jewels as freeware under the retro-hungry people today, however. Among the most popular - of course-legal - ROM files are some classics of the SNES, like Zelda 3, Yoshi's Iceland, Mariokart, Donkeykong country, Chronotrigger, etc. To join in addition a few beads, which were published only in Japan or the United States.

The history of a legend

in 1990, the Japanese equivalent of the European Super Nintendo was released with the Super Famicom (Super family computer). Only in the following two years, the successor of the world's most successful NES over the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean to the United States and Europe spilled over. Despite its relatively weak processor, the console soon prevailed over competitors such as the Sega Mega drive. Only the CD - signaled a the end of the Super Nintendo with its larger capacity superior to the SNES modules - and more complex 32 or 64-bit graphics. However, it hasn't lost its charm until today. And just programs such as Snes9x is released for Windows, Linux and Mac OS provide the proof.

Description of the version: Snes9x

After three years of passionate work of programming the nostalgics of, the emulator version 1.52 is available on and therefore for the first time-free. The best thing about the current version: The emulator can deal with all the ROM files, which are based on the classics of the Super Nintendo's, and allows you to play the games on the PC again and again. The download is big and compatible with all Windowsoberflächen just 1.3 MByte. The software versions for Linux and Mac OS are also on the manufacturer's website.

The highlights of the current version of Snes9x

• Powerful emulator for all freely available ROM files of popular SNES games
• Compatible versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS
• Minimum storage and hardware requirements

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