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Access Snapshot Viewer is a program that visualizes your access reports.



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Snapshot Viewer für Access

The Snapshot Viewer for access is very useful if you want to show someone your reports, you don't have access installed on his PC. Also the Snapshot Viewer offers also the guarantee that your data can not be modified for access in this case. In contrast to other observer programs, the Snapshot Viewer for access is very small and quickly by his programming. Therefore, along with your selected reports by E-mail, you can send this valuable utility without problems. It is also gratifying that you need no standard or run-time version of access for the Snapshot Viewer for access.

The management and organization of a wide range of data by using a database program such as access is very extensive. If you like want to access a part of your reports that you can create using access to others, you can customize with the Snapshot Viewer for access snapshots of your reports and forward via email. This works of course also vice versa. You can look at every any database report, which was emailed to you with the Snapshot Viewer for access. The Snapshot Viewer for access has however only a read function, a change or editing of the reports is not possible.

The installation of the Snapshot Viewer for access is simple. You click on the button "Download" and save the file with the name snpvw.exe on your hard drive. Double click on the file you would like to start the installation process. Now you will have to follow only the instructions on the screen, and in a few moments, the Snapshot Viewer for access is ready for use. If you want to remove the download file, you can uninstall Snapshot Viewer for access through the control panel under the menu item software at any time.

Functions and installation of the Snapshot Viewer for access

• Applicable for Access 97, 2000, and 2002
• No standard or runtime version required
• Visualization of reports
• Pure read function
• Small application program that can be send via mail
• Easy download and easy installation

System requirements and download

Snapshot Viewer for access was designed for the operating systems Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The program is suitable for access versions 97, 2000 and 2002. The download file has a size of 1.7 megabytes.

Description of the version: Snapshot Viewer für Access

Also with the new version of the Snapshot Viewer, you can view your access reports, and print. Access is a database program with extensive features, which are not required on every computer. The Snapshot Viewer, it is possible to present selected data sets in a file format that is easy to use. Tables and queries will issue a report and transformed into a simple file format with the Viewer.

Offers you the new version of Snapschot Viewer for access

• Program easy to use.
• Clear menu and toolbar.
• Installation is possible on all major Windows versions.
• Access reports for the viewing and printing.

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