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SnapaShot is one of the simplest methods for creating screenshots without installation.



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One of the coolest features of SnapaShot is the fact that it comes from complete without installation. It is a small tool that provides all necessary functions to run the appropriate file. You can change with the size of the screen snippet SnapaShot, from which you want to make the screenshot. And you do it before you create the screenshot. SnapaShot to thus simply turns the previous way. Instead of only the screenshot to make and edit it afterwards, you previously specify the area you want to have a screenshot. Thus, immediately after the recording for instance email, you can send the created screenshot.

The operation of SnapaShot is easy and intuitive. After the call, a window, whose size you can change appears. A small selection of menu functions, is located on the right side of the window. This menu of SnapaShot, respectively 2 symbols, you can directly save the screenshot or copy to the Clipboard. This can be useful if you want to further edit the screenshot. SnapaShot supports various graphic formats for the storage of screenshots like for example JPG, GIF, PNG, and more. Saving, or copying to the Clipboard, you can create the screenshot. You need to press so no shortcuts or similar.

Still you get the exact position of the window with the X - and Y coordinates and the size with height and width in pixels when the menu function of SnapaShot. A further processing is possible due to the variety of offered graphic formats for storing SnapaShot screenshots easily with any graphics program. The freeware that you can download directly from our site using the download function, provides all the necessary functions. With a paid expansion, you can then edit the SnapaShot screenshots directly to the program itself. Just try it and start the download.

Features of SnapaShot:

• Screenshot software
• Image area before recording set
• Storage in various formats
• No installation required
• free freeware
• for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

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The tool SnapaShot is a range of Nice Kit software. The company offers various programs and tools for Windows, which exist mostly in a functional freeware version as well as a paid version with more features.

Description of the version: SnapaShot

The functions of the screenshot program were perfected in SnapaShot 3.5. You download the software for free and can use without installation immediately. Then, you set a certain size in which you want to photograph. Now you can photograph everything what can be seen on the desktop! The result will be saved in the BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF or PNG format. With a size of only 106 KB new version 3.5 will not occupy much space on your computer.

The advantages of SnapaShot 3.5 at a glance

• Free download without installation
• Take pictures of the screen in different sizes
• Save in five different formats
• Little space on the computer

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