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With the tool snap, you can open multiple links in a window in Mozilla Firefox.



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If you use Mozilla Firefox as your default browser, the small program snap can save you lots of clicks. The free program snap is offered for download here friends. Before you can use all the benefits of snap after successful downloading and installing then necessary, restart of your computer is necessary.

Snap is this simple: If you want to open multiple links in a window, you need to mark the corresponding references easily only with the right mouse button. You let go again the right mouse button after that, the selected links be displayed quickly in new tabs. Another way of displaying your search results is that dragging every open window you wish to the left or right edge of the screen. If you want to make an additional saving of selected links with snap, you can set manually that you directly in the main menu of snap. This is allows by snap you to save the selected links in separate files as a bookmark or in the Clipboard.

The use of snap so brings you the important advantage that you can at once see interesting link or search result lists on the fly for you and not a time consuming clicking individually have to open each link. You can put on any open window left or right at the edge of the screen. Snap is a very small and compact program, because it requires only 31 KB of free space on the hard drive of your computer.

Facts at a glance

• for Mozilla Firefox as the default browser
• is necessary to restart of the computer after installation
• free program
• 31 KB disk space required
• opens multiple links in a window
• in English

Background information

Because snap is designed as a program that allows these facilities when using Mozilla Firefox, you must of course Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or later as your default browser. Snap demands as system requirements the use of Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, or Windows Vista as the operating system. Also see the Mac OS X operating system runs this freeware without any complications. Snap is indeed entirely in English, were rebuilt by the Panel made so clearly, you quickly can come clear even without great English language skills with this software.

Description of the version: Snap

With snap, you can make the background of your webcam funny and build a cool effects. Snap 1.0 allows you to distort, colorful comics to insert or speech bubbles with weird lyrics pictures of your friends or snapshots of yourself. In this version, you can also share your pictures with others by uploading them to the Internet. In addition, the program offers you a simple and clear interface.

The main features of snap in version 1.0:

• Can your webcam images are inserted into the comics or balloon.
• Funny distortions of images are generated.
• You can share the images over the Internet with your friends.

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