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With the free Flash game snake, you can play the well-known classic now on your computer.



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Snake is a free Flash game that you can start to download directly to your computer. Here it comes to pick up food with a virtual snake in a square, without to move them there against their own.

Snake is known many people from the phone or old consoles and has now become a cult game. On many phones, the game is already installed and can be played in every free minute. But now you can't you try also to the computer in the classics through much practice the snake become master. Snake is so easy, the addictive nature is so high. After each game you will feel challenged, to set more records. At the beginning, the snake moved relatively slowly and is very short, so it it learns quickly with some skill, to steer them through the square from food scraps to feed chunks. But the longer it lasts through, the Snake is faster and longer, so that it becomes harder not hopelessly tangled. This snake offers not only a lot of fun, but also much adrenaline, when you start with your snake always daring maneuvers, to catch the always new chunks of food.

But practice makes perfect and with some ambition you will soon crack the highest records. Here you can provide you with friends hours fighting or you're training your snake for you alone. Snake is the ideal entertainment for in between, it was during breaks at work, or if you just at home to do nothing. Snake requires no sophisticated graphics or simulation, but impresses with its simplicity and simple operation. Once you have downloaded the game, you can immediately play in the Macromedia Flash Player or other media players.

Description of the version: Snake

Snake is still in its basic version, features but lots of fun and entertainment. Although there are still relatively few game variations compared to the mobile game, so there is but the most important elements: the snake and the square, longer for the cult game with addictive not needed. It runs snake Flash Player or other media player on all operating systems properly in the Macromedia and consumes very little space on the computer with 6.5 KByte.

The features of snake at a glance

• Basic version with high fun factor
• Compatible with all operating systems
• Very low disk space consumption with a size 6.5 KB
• High functionality and ease of use

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