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SnagIt is more than just a tool for creating screenshots by his intelligent approach.



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SnagIt is a professional screencapture program that can record videos.

This is achieved by the ready-made profiles, of which 11 are already included in the with SnagIt. Thus you can get simply the full screen, screen clippings, only the text or just the images from the Windows display a screenshot with SnagIt. Nothing in the way is the creation of individual profiles or the processing of the supplied profiles, so that you can customize to your needs the function of SnagIt. The storage of screenshots is done with automatic naming scheme, so that you can make a series of screenshots with SnagIt, without that you must worry about the interim storage and assignment of filenames.

Can be assigned to in the further processing with SnagIt tags and flags the screenshots. This can both be helpful to find errors that you would like to document with a screenshot, as well as for all work processes. So, you can attach a screenshot on an activity in the calendar and then immediately know what should be done. All screenshots with SnagIt, you can insert and send via email of course also directly into other applications. Have you discovered an error on your website? No problem. Just a screenshot of the area with SnagIt make and send it to the webmaster. Since only the area with the error should be sent, you need to take of course only and send. This saves a lot of work and space.

By the Organization in the background you can call up at any time with SnagIt of made and saved screenshots. Here, you can parallel process multiple screenshots and merge also to an image. Try the best even once, and SnagIt via the download function here on our Web site download. About the profiles, the work is extremely easy and saves you plenty of time for the subsequent processing of screenshots.

Features of SnagIt:

• Screenshot tool
• Record the whole screen or only parts
• facilitate the work of 11 predefined profiles
Create your own profiles •
• Shareware, 30-day free trial
• For Windows 2000, XP, XP x 64 or Vista (32-bit or 64-bit)

Background information on SnagIt

The software SnagIt is about only one of the solutions provider TechSmith screen capture and screen recording. The company of the American Okermos in Michigan offers various solutions for private users and companies. Of all products is, Windows screen contents to record as light as possible and then edit. These include the Organization and retrieval of recordings made and edited.

Description of the version: SnagIt

The new version of SnagIt has improved functions for the recording of the screens (screenshots) and forwarding them. With the new do-it-yourself tool, you can create even better and easier screen photos with the click of a mouse with new profiles and effects. Using the scroll function, for example, by the current version automatically detect, whether a to Imaging Web page must be scrolled. SnagIt works automatically through the Web page to include a complete picture.

Features of the new version of SnagIt 10

• All-in one capture function
• Improved transparency of the recorded area
• Automatic scrolling of Web pages for inclusion
• Improved zoom function to set the image precisely.

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