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  • Windows 14.3 | 0.6.9

The SMPlayer provides audio and video playback in almost all formats and additional functions.



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The free SMPlayer plays almost all audio and video formats without problems. The annoying search deleted after the correct codec so. It is also the media player with additional features.

The free SMPlayer offers you a simple and clear interface. You can almost all DVD -, video - and audio formats play with him, including MP3, WMV, MOV -, AVI, MKV, MPEG -, VOB, 3GP, ASF and OGG files. Also play Internet is possible.
The many already integrated codes the pesky inquiries and search eliminates for you after the correct codec. Optimal output quality get offered by different deinterlacing and noise filter. Should you interrupt once a film of SMPlayer remembers all settings and continues at the next program start there, where you broke off including all previously specified settings. You can forward or rewind the player about the keyboard or the mouse control, and start a search with the mouse wheel or a movie. You can set the font, size, and color for subtitles. About the playlist you play multiple files at a time, or you used the repeat or random playback function. The SMPlayer offers you a video mixer, with which you can adjust hue, contrast, brightness and saturation, as well the gamma values of the videos. Also the aspect ratios are variable customizable and you have the option to change the sound track. The player is easy to use and you can easily adjust each option in the configuration dialog.

The SMPlayer is an open-source program under the GPL license, and thus free of charge available. He is available, primarily for Windows and Linux in over twenty languages for multiple platforms. The first version was released in early 2007.

Description of the version: SMPlayer

The current version of SMPlayer can come up with many innovations. About the configuration dialog and the video mixer, you can extensive image adjustments and adjust such as margins, contrast, brightness, saturation, and gamma values. You break off a play, the SMPlayer remembers all settings. Different filters ensure optimum output quality. You can play almost any audio or video file with the SMPlayer. You have to shoot the way of screenshots.

The current features of SMPlayer version 0.6.9

• Play virtually any audio or video file
• Different deinterlacing and noise filter for optimum output quality
• Note the settings on abort of playback feature
• Extensive image options

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