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Finally, the strategy game Smego brings the classic board game on your computer.



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Smego is a network game, you can play with friends over the Internet or your home network. You need only their IP, then it can go. Smego is designed for two players, and both sides need to set up a powerful army. There are many game characters for you to choose from, which have their own strengths and weaknesses. Everything is about that placing your flag so on the Board and protects the enemy units, that you can find the flag of opponent first. Go right ahead, because Smego is completely free.

The field marshal is the most powerful piece on the Board. You can beat him only by bombs or a spy. Command the educator who can pull the whole Board and unmasked the opposing lines. In Smego, you only have a chance to win, if you choose the right strategy. Use for example the Minenentschärfer, to expose the bomb-protected flag of opponent. The figures in Smego are divided into ranks in the military. When two units meet, the higher rank WINS. You should not attack so better a General with a non-commissioned officer.

Smego, you can play either as a host or you connect you as a client with an existing game. In the game you will find not only a graphically lovingly designed game board and playing pieces, but also a chat, the you you always can talk about with your game partners. The program runs on all your Windows machines such as Win98/98SE/me/2000/XP/7.

Other functions by Smego

• Movable and immovable flags
• Can pull either as reconnaissance spy
• Benefits to the attacker
• Portable bombs possible
• Reconnaissance aircraft can attack from a distance
• Can move through water reconnaissance

Smego and the original

Did you prove yourself always as General on the battlefield? Then Smego is the right game for you. Smego simulates the strategic board game classic to your computer. The original dates back to a similar game, which should have been played already in 1909. Thus, Smego is so based on an already over one hundred years old. Smego is an exact replica of the original and applies its rules. Therefore it is suitable also as a preparation for tournaments, which are held to this day in many countries. There the game right is played on high level, and there is even a World Championship.

Description of the version: Smego

Smego 1.1 you can play the Board game classic Stratego online now! Compete against your friends or other collaborators and fight against the enemy armies. Imagine an army of 40 soldiers and you think of a clever strategy. Aim of the game is to capture the flag of the enemy. You will receive additional help through reconnaissance, admirals, bomb squad, and spies. The new online Smego is even more exciting with some new rules.

How to play the online strategy game Smego

• Compete online against virtual opponents.
• Make an army of 40 soldiers.
• Think about the best strategy.
• Capture the enemy flag.

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