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The smart install Maker creates complete installation and uninstallation programs.



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Smart Install Maker

The surface of the smart install maker is clearly in the individual areas, you need to create a good and convincing installation routine. Because you know, creating the first impression of a software installation and it should be positive in any case. With the smart install maker this will be possible because the user gets a clean and error-free installation. Under "General", you forgive a name first of all for your installation project, specify the version number, and enter a company name. Project name and version of smart install maker for the window title during the installation the company name for the identification of copyright of your software applied.

Still, you specify this window what title the smart to save the installation program for your software install maker. Setup.exe is here you but can change according to your own ideas, but should consider how your users may react to too much creativity. You can define also the compression to create the installation file here. Because he smart install maker with a very effective compression, the installation files are appropriately small and can be well over the Internet. Also, you can specify the size of the installation file with the smart install maker and select here whether it is to be divided, to fit several CDs.

In the subsequent steps, you choose which now needed files install maker installation file for creating smart out and decide which operating systems the software install will settle. You can run various test routines with the smart install maker, for example on an administrator and that.NET Framework version. Also for the uninstall routine, you can make settings with the smart install maker and finally create the installation. But the best even try the software and they download function here on our site download.

Features of smart install Maker:

• Created installation routines
• Clearly articulated surface
• Integration of license texts
• Registry key set
• 30 Day trial
• For Windows 95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista

Background to the smart install maker

Smart install maker is a development of InstallBuilders company. As the name suggests, is focusing the company on the creation of professional solutions for creating installation routines under Windows.

Description of the version: Smart Install Maker

The improved and updated version of smart install maker offers you now also support for Windows 7 as the operating system. The installation files produced by the software are also more compressed and smaller than before, so that an even quicker download is possible. You avoid unnecessary delays when downloading it and have a professional appearance to your customers. And all aspects of installation and uninstallation are in your hand.

Features of the current version of smart install Maker 5.03

• Support for Windows 7
• Have faster download due to higher compression of the installation files
• Administration of the complete installation and uninstallation process
• Automatic check of the system requirements

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