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Smart defrag maps files and fills gaps in memory, so that your PC works again faster.



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Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag is a free defragmentation tool. The program pushes together installed applications on your hard drive and fills gaps. So your hard drive can read files faster and your PC working again at full speed.

Smart defrag Defragments your hard drive, so that your PC works again faster. In the course of time you are installing programs and games, you delete others from your hard disk. That has resulted, that the programs not more to rank and link on the disk are stored. Deleted programs leave gaps in your memory. The reading head of the hard disk looking for a certain application, now he must repeatedly skip these gaps. That takes time and slows down access to your data. Smart defrag maps the installed programs, pushing them together and shortens the way, the head must go. As a result, Your system works faster, file access shorter and ideally shortens the boot process, so the boot up your computer. In addition, recognizes programs that you frequently use, smart defrag and moves them to places that are the fastest available. For you, this means an additional performance advantage.

After successful installation, you can already start your first defragmentation process. Before you but your hard drive of smart defrag analyze can. Defragmentation is necessary to Defrag gives out smart a message. Additionally the program shows you an image of your hard drive. Based on the colored markers, you can see where fragmented files and memory leaks are present. As soon as you start the defrag, begin smart to optimize defrag your PC. You should schedule a little time in any case, because the defragmentation may take several hours depending on the degree of fragmentation of your hard disk. You can set a date, but also to the defragmentation will start. So you can run it for example, overnight and have a fast working system closest to tomorrow.

Description of the version: Smart Defrag

The latest version 2.0 of SmartDefrag has a variety of optimizations. So was the Defragmentierungsengine improved and modernized the program interface. The handling of SmartDefrag is so much easier. In addition, the manufacturers pay for some new skins, for example, in the style of Apple applications. New is the ability to optimize defragmented files during system startup. Also, some minor bugs have been fixed and attached to a manual.

Key new features of SmartDefrag 2.0

• Improved Defragmentierungsengine
• Can now automatically during system startup to start the defragmentation
• Improved program interface
• New skins are attached
• Minor bug fixes
• Owner's manual is enclosed

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