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Thanks to the many tools you get a competent calendar 2011 with the SL holiday planner.



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SL-Urlaubsplaner 2011

With the Software SL holiday planner 2011, you can manage your holidays easily and simply. As a result, you will receive a software where you have the opportunity to capture also sick days, overtime, tasks and appointments and birthdays.

All entries into the 2011 SL holiday planner easy to acquire and be in your personal year calendar sheet. Your holiday and rest day and days of sickness leave are in tabular form in the same year calendar sheet captures and also automatically calculates. In the SL holiday planner 2011 all holidays and holidays of all federal States are already integrated. This you can let show you desire on your annual calendar. Moon phase, zodiac sign and even calendar weeks are also can. Also a reminder functions is no problem thanks to the simple and user-friendly operation.

Your schedule and holiday overview can easily send via email. In the SL holiday planner 2011-there is also a pressure module. Also you can watch various surveys and reports, such as, for example, hours summaries, dates, comment fields, etc. display and print out. In the SL holiday planner 2011 numerous available ways to you. So, you can do such as a diary or even a dream diary. Furthermore, here also a print module for vacation requests has been integrated. Your personal data can be activated via read-only.

In SL holiday planner 2011 is an introductory course available. This can show you the ease of use of the Urlaubsplaners in just a few steps. So you can get advance familiar with the software. Due to the numerous features and tools extends the field of application of the Urlaubsplaners on small and medium-sized companies as well as individuals and families. The SL 2011 holiday planner can manage different persons or accounts and show also overlap of dates and holidays.

Description of the version: SL-Urlaubsplaner 2011

You've got all your data, appointments, vacations, etc. at a glance with the SL holiday planner 2011. Quickly and easily it calculates your rest day or your sick leave you. Also you can create individual accounts for different people or departments. Several overlapping appointments are displayed here. So many options available are to enter your appointments. Can are also holidays and vacations. Many features, such as for example the reminder will help you keep track.

Features and extra in the SL holiday planner 2011

• Management of vacation, illness, working days, etc.
• Overview of the year marked holidays, vacation, etc.
• Automatic calculation of vacation and sick leave
• Numerous print reports
• Print module for vacation requests
• Network-compatible

SL-Urlaubsplaner 2011 sl urlaubsplaner sl-urlaubsplaner-2011

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