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Skype: video telephony, text messages, SMS and phone in one.



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Talk to your friends and family members via voice or video call and send them messages or files, no matter where they reside. At the same time, you can use cheap Skype rates for calls to landline or mobile network or send cheap SMS.

Click on a contact in your list, and start a chat or a (video) call. So easy you take up contact with Skype with your friends. You can chat with up to 100 friends, or result in a conference call with more than 25. Here, you can quickly and easily send text messages and share files. After a few clicks Skype connects you free with your friends - no matter, wherever in the world they happen to be. So can you remain very easy to contact with Skype with friends, even if they move or spend a period abroad.

Skype offers you the Instant Messenger, you can chat with your friends or can send them information. A small pin next to the name of your friend shows you whether he just answers. If not everybody babbles away, the conversation remains open. A new feature of Skype even allows you to change a message after you sent it off once again. So, you can quickly correct errors that sneak likes when typing.

Skype offers you cool emoticons and small images that you can spice up your messages and your friends show, in which mood you are or what you think of their messages. In addition to the usual happy and sad emoticons are also responded with savory images available at Skype. With a personal avatar or a custom ringtone, you can adjust Skype your own taste. Here you can choose, whether you as an avatar used a snapshot of your webcam - perhaps a photo or create a Klonie or a WeeMee. With a new background image, you can further personalize your Skype and customize your desktop experience.

The main features of Skype:

• Free calls between Skype users all over the world
• Free video calls with excellent sound and picture quality
• Instant Messaging
• Transferring photos or text files
• Games and extras to the personalization
Skype to go: cheap calls from fixed and mobile network

What you need to use Skype

To optimally use Skype, you need besides a stable Internet connection, a microphone and a webcam. During the installation of the program discusses steps for the use of webcam and microphone so you can get started in no time. In addition to the numerous free features Skype also some paid features available but which are not absolutely necessary for the private users are the users.

Description of the version: Skype

Skype goes Facebook:
With the new version of Skype you can anarchists now directly with your Facebook friends. Just click on the Facebook tab in the application and already you can see which of your friends on Facebook is online.

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