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Ski Challenge 11 is a sports simulation game that you can play against other Internet users.



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Ski Challenge 11

Rumors that the Austrians could not good football matches - but for better skiing. The national sport of the Alpine Republic in the free sports game is processed regularly ski challenge 11 which is very realistic and anspruchgsvoll.

Ski Challenge 11 is the continuation of a now annual series of sports games, which revolve around the sport of skiing. With the World Cup season held almost simultaneously to the real Internet, among all users of the ski challenge 11. The game has recreated precisely and in detail designed routes, which serve as a World Cup Downhill. You have an online connection, the routes for real professional athletes be released a few days before the start of the World Cup race, so that you can practise it. In addition to the training, there is a qualifying run, and finally the race at the date of the show who is the best skier. In addition, you can meet some tasks to collect awards, obtained regularly than performers.

The game ski challenge 11 calls no high-end performance from your machine, but offers lots of fun, you can share in the downhill race against friends and online opponents from around the world. Not only the virtual world cup victory, waving the winner but also prices and coupons. You can start simply internal competitions in a community where you can train online with friends. The game requires not only skill, but also some knowledge about skiing General. If you select the wrong skis for certain weather and snow conditions, you make mistake more often or driving too slowly. Therefore, you learn something about the winter sport itself and can understand perhaps a little, as it is the ladies and gentlemen in the competitions of the television. Anyway, the latest part series ski challenge 11 makes a Mordsgaudi, not only for Professional skiers!

Description of the version: Ski Challenge 11

Ski Challenge 11 offers some improvements over the previous versions. For example, the slopes and trails plan was adapted 2011 current snow, so you can play the challange ski like a sports simulation game. Still, the choice of skis and equipment were expanded significantly, so there are more options and a greater variation of the game. Finally, the graphic was polished up significantly, so ski challenge 11 is one of the best free sports simulations on the Internet.

The most important innovations in ski challenge 11 version 1.0

• More options and choice of ski
• Current season dates and competition venues are realistic date implimentiert
• Graphically considerably better than the previous versions
• Realistic driving physics brings more skiing fun

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