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Skat 8 is suitable for beginners and professionals alike. To try out, if you like the program, you can download a free shareware version. However, the game is interrupted by Skat 8 at regular intervals and you'll be prompted to purchase the full version. A test run but always worthwhile. With the full version, you have the opportunity to play against the computer or in the network with other players. The third man, lacking the network version Skat 8 assumes this role without any problems. Playing in the net works incidentally both on an internal network over the Internet.

In the beginner mode of Skat 8, you will receive an interactive introduction. Rules are explained well and in detail, so that you're soon able to assess your cards. You can freely here also your opponents and determine the rules themselves. Pub Skat is no problem with junk and Bock with Skat 8. You also have the opportunity to try out all crazy games. It's not so easy in a game with real players. In addition, this computer Skat game contains a Skat-tutor, which helps you on the basis of practice games, significantly improve your skills at the Skat. Your personal performance statistics always give you information about your progress.

The professional mode of Skat 8 lists the Seeger-Fabian tournament. Here, you can store all the games with their results and once again repeat if necessary. The neural structure of Skat 8 means that the program learns. So, the game is never boring. Of course, also the international Skat order is deposited, in professional mode, so that you can read the rules. A special feature has Skat 8 for you. If you're on the go, you can play Skat 8 also on the iPhone or iPad.

The new features of Skat 8

• New mouse figurines
• Learning program
• Play in the network
• Version for iPhone, iPad and MAC
• Seeger-Fabian tournament list

System requirements and installation

It is the download version of Skat 8 for Windows, MAC, and iPhone or iPad. The free shareware is quickly installed. The space is about 32 MB. The full version is paid for and can also be downloaded. By registering you agree to pay the cost of the full version. It is also possible to order the full version of Skat 8 directly from the manufacturer.

Description of the version: SKAT

SKAT 8 offers you the opportunity to learn the game of Skat and play exciting games against the computer or human opponents on the Internet. In addition to the full-screen mode and the animations, computer logic of the previous version has been improved so that now the computer opponents parses and so can your trains also learn from you. The program will help you also in a tutorial, to learn the game and shows you tricks and gimmicks that are otherwise only experienced Skatspielern.

The most important innovations of SKAT in version 8

• Completely reworked full screen animations
• Improved game logic with higher difficulty levels
• New comments of players
• Ability to create individual players with a photo
• Own created games are playable
• Also for the iPhone and iPod touch available

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