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SiSoft Sandra lite 2005 offers you what you need for the analysis of your system.



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SiSoft Sandra Lite 2010

The user interface of Sisoft Sandra lite 2005 can be controlled simply by you and is divided into modules. Each module conceals analysis functions, which you can use to test the individual components of your system. There are modules for the processor and the BIOS, the memory, your hard drives and many other components. A total of 60 modules are available.

SiSoft Sandra lite 2005 offers you not only general information about your components, but is also a good Benchmarkingtool. You can do for your CPU which test arithmetic - and the floating point calculation performance. You can use Sisoft Sandra lite 2005 determine the multi core efficiency of your dual-core or quad-core CPU and run a series of multi media benchmarks. Maybe you want to know how high is the memory throughput of your memory, your cache, and of course the network connection. With Sisoft Sandra lite 2005 this is all no longer a problem.

To note also the comparison options of individual performance in Sisoft Sandra 2005 are lite. With Sisoft Sandra lite 2005 speed efficiency can be determined by is compared to the performance of the speed. The calculation of energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and size efficiency is lite with Sisoft Sandra 2005 for you easy.

Other features of Sisoft Sandra lite 2005

• Compatible with all Windows systems
• Support for Intel Atom CPUs
• Benchmark of power management
• PDA & smart phone support
• System monitoring
• Benchmarks of different file formats

What is the special to the Sisoft Sandra lite 2005

The English company SiSoft began in 1997 with the development of analysis software that is known today in many countries. There are also fee-based software packages for different professional purposes in addition to the free version. The Lite version has become especially popular. Because SiSoft Sandra lite 2005 is the right software for you, if you need free of charge all information related to your system. SiSoft Sandra lite 2005 is a powerful analysis software for your computer. No matter whether PC, notebook or NetBook: Sisoft Sandra lite 2005 you can keep track of your components and their properties. The program is used by magazines for computer hardware. They use it now prefers to the benchmarking of new hardware.

Description of the version: SiSoft Sandra Lite 2010

Some bug fixes were integrated into the new version.

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