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The game of Simutrans is a progressive economic simulation game for your computer.



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For all Simulationsbegeisterten who want to determine the economic life of a game world, Simutrans is the right piece of software. Simutrans offers an amazingly rich scenario, in which you will want to spend many hours.

If you are interested for model railways and transportation in General and like on your computer go to strategy games and simulations, Simutrans is the perfect software for you. The game is an exact simulation of the economy with regard to the transport of goods from A to B. The game of Simutrans can be either by land, water or in the air with other operators to connect you, that you need to supply with goods. Only if you build a well-functioning distribution and transport network in Simutrans, you will can be successful and achieve your goals. Leave you surprised by the simulation and their versatility. Maybe you want to no longer leave soon the world of Simutrans.

Simutrans is the best representative of the simulation genre of the past and offer you a serious business simulation. The game is characterized by its outstanding attention to detail, whole cities and their rail network in this miniature world on your computer can be built up. Are no limits in the storyline developments. If you you once you go into this game world, you will want to discover something new in it.

The development of Simutrans
Simutrans is a software product that is being developed under free license. The programmers have taken in the course of development are a large number of different scenarios, as about transportation in Japan and strive to let many more to follow in the future.

Description of the version: Simutrans

The economic simulation Simutrans in the version 102.2.2 has a number of refreshing innovations. The game was expanded once again known as Paks, which scattered play different economic scenarios around the globe. Simutrans offers but also entirely new game elements here, with which the simulation is more accurate. So the programmers have now added rivers, which meander through the game card and require the crossing through your transport vehicles.

The most important new features in Simutrans 102.2.2

• Rivers have been added as a new element the scenarios
• The game offers many new scenarios around the globe
• Increased compatibility with different Systemenwurde

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