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SimpleOCR offers a reliable OCR of text with 99% accuracy.



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Taking a scanned text for further processing is a fine thing, especially if the text recognition works well. SimpleOCR gives you a text detection rate of 99%, so you have to make as good as no post-processing the scanned texts. Thus, SimpleOCR is one of the best products that you freely and can use it without cost. Other features that make life easier with SimpleOCR you, so that you no longer will want to miss the software soon to be added.

In addition to the recognition of text, also the recognition of handwritten texts available, you shouldn't even try's in the first 14 days after installed SimpleOCR. Other useful features of SimpleOCR are a "noise reduction", which means that documents with many veils or points ahead of detection can be cleaned. Still, you can keep certain formatting of the text such as an underline, bold, or italic for the recognized text with the software. In most cases, this function also achieves an accuracy of 99%. SimpleOCR can recognize images in a scanned text and import as image format, so that you not only again need to insert an image via other software in the scan.

Detecting formatting can also be turned off while in SimpleOCR, so that you get the unformatted plain as a result for further processing with a word processor, or for the Web page text. Another useful feature of SimpleOCR is the batch process for text recognition. With this, you can at the same time to recognize the text of multiple documents and have to select each document individually. The zone OCR is very useful, because thus you can specify a scope for a scanned document SimpleOCR is to recognize, if not the entire document is required. The freeware of the software you can download directly from our server and install.

Features of SimpleOCR:

• Text recognition solution
• 99% Accuracy
• Batch OCR for multiple pages
• Zone OCR for parts
• Freeware
• for Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000 and XP

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The OCR solution SimpleOCR is a development of the SimpleSoftware from the American Knoxville. The company develops solutions around the topic of document management and provides a part of the solution as free downloads. All solutions can be, extended through functional additions, where these are partially subject to a charge.

Description of the version: SimpleOCR

The current version of the software SimpleOCR can score with some useful new features that assist you in editing scanned documents. Even multicolumn scans or even unknown fonts are read and duplicated. Then you can handle such demanding documents. A software purchase is now for an even bigger network, so that companies can use the tool for yourself.

The most important innovations in the current version of SimpleOCR.

• The template matching in the OCR engine is new.
• Improved noise reduction for shady areas and spots on images
• Find new auto-rotation function correct image alignment
• Ability to automatically detect the character limit

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