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Simple Sudoku offers rate fun for all fans of the popular original Sudoku puzzles in five stages.



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Simple Sudoku

Each Sudoku fan is excited about simple Sudoku: without annoying paperwork, you can do in a row as many quizzes with simple Sudoku. If you don't know Sudoku, will learn it to love, because the rules are very simple: within the small squares the numbers from 1 to 9 must be registered each so, that no number is double and occur also in the rows and columns of the large square each of the numbers 1 through 9 without duplication.

Depending on whether you're already a professional or beginner, you can choose in simple Sudoku between five levels of difficulty and you always so work your way up. But although the fifth degree of difficulty is the trickiest, you're not on insoluble Zahlenrätseln. Instead it comes in simple Sudoku more, to find an appropriate strategy for the release of the numbers game - after entering the numbers is easily by hand. Still no longer continue know can you give tips with simple Sudoku. Also handy: The function to list all possible numbers for a box. So, you're at the further puzzles at a glance, which numbers you can exclude. Did you mistake you once, there is the undo function that deletes the just-made train (or more). And if after many puzzling once the head smokes you, there is also the possibility to save started games and resume later in simple Sudoku.

Thanks to its ease of use, simple Sudoku offers the advantage that not only young but also older gamers can quickly find themselves in simple Sudoku and enjoy the fun of the game. The surface of the simple Sudoku with colours on the own taste is customizable. The function to enter puzzles from newspapers and magazines in simple Sudoku, for example, and to solve them by using some tricks and tips is also handy.

Overview of functions:

• Five difficulty levels
• Viewing tips
• Manually enter of your own puzzles
• Memory function
• Fully customizable
• Undo


Angusj (more precisely, Angus Johnson), who closely turned the idea for the game, which was invented by Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler in the 18th century, on the original Sudoku is a manufacturer of simple Sudoku. Developed in 2005, there are simple Sudoku now in the fourth version, which was updated last 2007.

Description of the version: Simple Sudoku

Simple Sudoku offers you the ability to puzzle also virtually. In five different levels you can play you in the puzzle test. Whether simple or complex: choose yourself how hard your Sudoku should be. Also, simple Sudoku helps you to find the right solutions with appropriate tools. Could you even don't know simple Sudoku will give appropriate tips, without to demonstrate the complete solution.

Play Sudoku on your computer for beginners and advanced

• For Win9x, Win2000 and WinXP
• free download
• between 5 different difficulty levels can be selected
• Sudokufelder to print out
• Help mode without full resolution of the puzzles

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