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Similarity finds duplicates in your music library that you can remove with one click.



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Similarity is a small, very useful tool that makes finding duplicate songs in your music library. You can then delete the found duplicates with one click from the hard disk.

The similarity search tool allows you to find duplicate MP3 files that unnecessarily consume space on your hard disk. If you made a large collection of MP3s on your computer or an external hard drive, then you will know quickly to estimate similarity: at the beginning of each collection is manageable, but the scope of changes that most quickly - the bigger, more suffering from the overview. Just then, if you continually expand the collection by downloads and CD ripping, absolute chaos is not far: files are loaded twice, accidentally copied or deleted incorrectly. To deal with the clutter with a manual search is almost impossible - mainly because you don't know what you have to look for. Instead of having to crawl chore each individual folder to find any duplicate songs, you just give the command to scan your complete MP3 library similarity - with one click, you so do what you otherwise would do in hours of work.

Similarity examines not only the file names of your MP3s, but scans its ID3 tags are stored mostly information about the particular piece of music. In this way, the programme will also duplicates that do not appear at first glance as such. The search results, you can play directly and delete if necessary with a mouse click. Through the regular use of the tools will save you much time and you can be sure that your music collection is permanently free of duplicate - that makes room for new songs.

Description of the version: Similarity

Similarity 1.5.3 is the current version of the duplicates Finder scope, and they can come up with some innovations. An Apple QuickTime decoder has been added after scanning, quality checks can be now performed within the results. A new scan, the results appear now much faster. The developers have also integrated a progress bar for the taskbar of Windows 7, the help file was added. Other improvements and new features make the update recommended.

The advantages of similarity 1.5.3 Overview

• New Apple QuickTime decoder
• Quality scans in the search results
• Better memory management with the results display
• Progress bar for the Windows 7 taskbar
• Advanced help file with new themes

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