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SimAquarium kidnaps you for a few minutes in a different world of pristine seascape.



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Just after a pleasant summer at the beach and sea many longs back to the South Pacific, when the workday starts again. Especially the diving is a very special experience that is unforgettable. But no matter, where you spent your last vacation, the sight of ornamental fish in rich colors and graceful forms of coral given each for a short time into the fascinating underwater world. And it offers the new software SimAquarium!

Thanks to the SimAquarium screen saver these RESTful moments are now possible, no matter whether at the workplace, or at home. SimAquarium makes with its amazing visuals like the real fish, and you have the impression, your screen has indeed in short turns in an aquarium. The perfect variety for a short relaxing break, where you can watch the circling fish in their perfect sea world and gas new energy for remaining work.

SimAquarium gives you a wide selection of 41 species of fish, which you can put in your SimAquarium. You can put in your SimAquarium also starfish. SimAquarium also offers several options for your background. Of different coral species to grasses and other plants you can choose at SimAquarium, until you like your very own personal SimAquarium. While watching from above the Sun's rays through the surface of the water through the clear water to the white sand on the floor seem the beautiful SimAquarium move fish gracefully through her coral home. The software SimAquarium is 9.84 MB in size and can be downloaded for free as a trial.

The fascination of SimAquarium:

• Create your own Aquarium
• Choose your favorite fish from 41 species
• Choose your background for the Aquarium
• Dive off into a fascinating sea world
• Amazed at the incredibly real-looking 3D animation
• Download the trial for free

Good to know:

Studies have shown that more frequent and for short breaks, in which occurs a completely different content, can help as the workload relatively more energy and concentration than less big breaks.

Description of the version: SimAquarium

The current version of the screensaver Aquarium look offers some improvements. The underwater world appears very realistic, because also the light reflections in the water and the movement of water are simulated. You can make your aquarium according to your wishes, because you can choose from a variety of fish from 41 different species. Also you can choose a seabed. But your fish swim in a simple Aquarium, but a detailed coral reef.

This offers you the new SimAquarium 2.6

• No boring screen saver, but an animated coral reef fish.
• Selection of 41 types of fish and various sea bottoms.
• Realistic reflections of light and water movement.

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