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Sibelius 6 is a professional music notation program that inspires its function of width.



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The note entry Sibelius 6 is easy because the various options satisfy the different interests and previous knowledge of the user. You can either enter the notes via the keyboard using mouse clicks on the keyboard - or fingerboard window, or, what is of course the easiest way it via a MIDI keyboard playing a. If you like to sing, you can transfer the notes in this way. A special layout program will make sure that no objects one above the other are stored, so that the score looks really professional. One click is enough and already you can hear the results of your work in a really good sound quality. It you quickly realize if it gets stuck somewhere. It is also possible to play the score, so that you can practice conducting in Sibelius 6. Speaking of score: Sibelius 6 as many instruments can be absorbed, you can create so easily all sets of Orchestra.

A great feature is the ability to track changes. If you so suddenly think that your last version was actually much better than the current one, you can go back easily. So, your inspiration thanks to Sibelius 6 is never lost. Want you to examine your score for example from your teacher? This is no problem thanks to the comment feature in Sibelius 6. Comments can be inserted at any point. Very convenient is that you can easily scan sheet music and then edit.

Another interesting feature of Sibelius 6 is to put your works online and to introduce other, or even for sale. Check it out easily, you can download Sibelius 6 here. To start just click on the download button.

Other features of Sibelius 6

• Add comments
• Playback of the score to the conducting
• Good quality of sound playback
• Synchronization with DAW and sequencers
• Simple input of chord symbols
• Convert scanned note templates

The development of Sibelius 6

Sibelius 6 will be manufactured by Avid Technology, Inc., and is named after the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. It is a follow-up program by Sibelius 7, which came on the market in 1993 and has since steadily evolved. It's Sibelius 6 is one of the most common and also the most powerful music notation programs. Sibelius 6 is offered as version for Windows and Mac.

Description of the version: Sibelius

With Sibelius 6 is composing a piece of music just got easier - and the whole thing with the highest quality. With the lovingly designed keyboard or the guitar fret Board, you can just play your piece or write down the notes themselves. If in the heat of battle once a note or a sign of something slipping, so the function of the magnetic layout ensures order. When you're done, you can listen to your composite and if you want, even conducting.

The new features of the Sibelius 6 at a glance

• Keyboard or guitar fretboard to play a
• Keep magnetic layout order
• Playback of the composition of the highest quality
• himself conducting on the keyboard

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