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ShrinkTo5 basic 2.0.4 offers all possibilities to compress a DVD and then to copy.



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ShrinkTo5 Basic

So-called pressed DVDs, so buying DVDs with films that include a large amount of data. Thanks to ShrinkTo5 basic 2.0.4, you can reduce this amount of data now individually, to burn a DVD copy of a film. It is important to note that ShrinkTo5 basic 2.0.4 can copy no copy-protected DVDs. You can bring all other DVDs but in the blink of an eye to a size that you can burn on a different disk.

The surface of ShrinkTo5 basic 2.0.4 is very tidy, so is every user easily thus finds. For a conversion, you need to insert just a DVD into the drive and specify the destination folder for the finished file. ShrinkTo5 basic 2.0.4 it offers you two ways for the conversion. When the automatic conversion data volume reduces itself as far as the program, that it fits on a DVD blank. If you want to be selective, you should choose the way offered other ShrinkTo5 basic 2.0.4. Then, you can directly specify the maximum size of the output file so that it actually fits on the desired disk. ShrinkTo5 basic 2.0.4 makes everything more again from alone.

When selecting other can you set, which parts of the DVD of ShrinkTo5 basic 2.0.4 are copied. For example extra material on the DVD, you don't need but is located so you can't shut out this from the conversion. The same applies to unnecessary language versions. After the selection, you can then specify the desired target size for the copied file so that you really have all the options at hand with ShrinkTo5 basic 2.0.4. During the copy and conversion process ShrinkTo5 basic 2.0.4 progress dir displays, and with the built-in burning engine, you can then burn to DVD the result.

Features of ShrinkTo5 basic 2.0.4:

• DVD copy content
• Reduction of the volume of data
• intelligent choices
• ease of use
• free freeware
• Operating system: Win2000/NT/XP

About the developer of ShrinkTo5 basic 2.0.4

"DVD neXt COPY" is the name of the development company behind ShrinkTo5 basic 2.0.4. The name is program that the company deals primarily with the development of simple but effective software for copying media disk. DVDs are in most cases, it also contents can be made but with the products of iTunes in a different format. In any case, it will pay off to keep the further development of the company in mind.

Description of the version: ShrinkTo5 Basic

The new version of ShrinkTo5 basic makes a version that fits comfortably on a blank disc from non copy protected DVDs. While you can simply delete parts that you do not want to copy, in the new version, and you can set the language by selecting the appropriate soundtrack. The current version is due to the new, tidy surface according to simple and intuitive, and the built-in burner allows you to create a copy.

Features of the current version of ShrinkTo5 basic 2.0.4

• Creates a scaled down copy of non-protected DVDs
• Easy and intuitive operation
• Selection of the audio track that is possible
• Includes burning program to burn onto a blank disc

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