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  • Windows 0.97

Shock Aero 3D v0. 97 simulates functions of Windows Vista on older operating systems.



  • License: Freeware
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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Shock Aero 3D

If you feel that your desk is too boring and the average, you can with shock Aero 3D v0. 97 change something about it. Shock Aero 3D v0. 97 simulates the method with the Windows Vista and Macintosh jump between Windows. If you shock Aero 3D v0. 97 download, you will enjoy the original look of your new desk.

The file you are downloading is not two megabytes in size; still offers you shock Aero 3D v0. 97 Visual options, for which some people have purchased a new operating system. Used in the operation of shock Aero 3D v0. 97 although somewhat more memory (approx. 15 MB), is also still much less than the Vista system requirements require. So you're v0 with shock Aero 3D. 97 three-dimensional effects can enjoy, even if your PC may not meet the requirements for Vista.

Shock Aero 3D v0. 97 is completely free of charge. The download of course costs nothing; and also for the registration, you need to specify your E-Mail address only, but pay nothing. So you can have a few minutes after installing all features of shock Aero 3D v0 already. 97 cost out. It appears an icon in the notification area right below. Now you can browse three dimensional with the combination of the Windows key and tab through the open window. This Visual effect, the shock Aero 3D v0. 97 also XP users, not only looks good, but makes the toggle and toggle between various Windows include a lot easier.

The features of shock Aero 3D v0. 97

• The Vista/Macintosh effect: 3D-Browsen through open Windows
• Small download (1.56 MB)
• Little space (about 15 MB)
• Free registration
• Unlimited usable
• The desktop is more beautiful and easier to read

The makers of shock Aero 3D v0. 97

The inventor of shock Aero 3D v0. 97 have within their circle of friends for fun some utilities developed, that the use of Windows easier, more convenient or beautiful. The number is steadily increasing the shock of utilities. Since 1998, the tinkerer from Croatia provide a tool to another in the network. It is the classic utilities, each Windows user misses: everything is of the clean-up of the registry file up to utilities to locate missing files. From the outset were also "embellishments" for the operating system. Slightly more demanding screensaver were ready to download, as well as alternate cursors and - today - the Aero series.

Description of the version: Shock Aero 3D

With the current version of shock Aero 3D you get the Vista look you for free on your desktop. With the Flip-3D function, you can choose between three display modes of the open window: side by side, in a row or consecutive in ripple effect. Using arrow keys navigate through the applications. This 1.6 MByte large program is add-on for those who want to work with Windows 2000, XP and 2003 and don't miss out on this Vista effect a beautiful.

The most important innovations of shock Aero 3D

• Shows open window in the 3D effect on the desktop.
• Windows Vista effect for win 2000, win XP and win 2003.
• Now also with Russian language support.

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