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The shining-Z provides you more than 150 glossy icons for many applications Pack.



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Shining-Z Pack

Pack comes correctly with the shining-Z variety to your desktop, because the icons to give him a new look. And even without the installation of complete design package for Windows. You get all the icons in both in the * .ico as well as in the * .png format. Because PNG is a standard graphic format, you can edit Pack so that at any time and simply the icons of the shining-Z about a graphics program. The wide selection of icons possibilities available are with the shining-Z pack to further individualize your desktop. But be careful, because you are the icons for your private purposes only use. A commercial use is excluded, and prior to a publication on Web pages you should get an okay that you the developer.

The icons of shining-Z pack are divided into six categories. These are the categories folder, hardware, software, special and others in addition to icons for actions such as stopping programs. In the directory of the software icons, can be found in the symbols for the Microsoft Office products as well as a host of other applications. The developer of shining-Z, for example, the players among us considered Pack and already created a new icon for world of Warcraft. Also for all other well-known programs, you can find new icons for the shining-Z pack, and if one like you, you can use this course just for another program.

The developer of the shining-Z pack has very freely designed the icons and it imposes no restrictions. So you will find several options to choose from, sometimes in the different categories of the shining-Z pack for various programs. The use of icons after the installation runs on the program properties, which means you can call an executable program "Another icon..." button in the properties to assign a different icon. Best you try the shining-Z pack yourself once and you are downloading the program directly from our page about the download function. Then you can then use the more than 150 icons with the freeware or so modify it as you like.

Features of shining-Z pack:

• Icon library for Windows
• provides more than 150 glossy icons
• listed according to different topic areas
• easy to integrate
• Freeware
• for Windows 9 x/Me/XP/2000/Vista/Windows 7

Background information on the shining-Z Pack

The shining-Z pack is a private project of a developer using the pseudonym Zakaryan.

Description of the version: Shining-Z Pack

Now you can with the shining-Z miss a customized look Pack to your Windows machine. This software is specially designed for individuals and offers more than 150 different icons. All icons are provided with a fine gloss and glass look. Also, the mini graphics as PNG and ICO files are issued, and 256 x 256 pixel. The icons cover nearly all topics such as software and hardware, peripherals etc.

Functions of the shining-Z software Pack

• To the selection are more than 150 icons with gloss and glass look
• Fit the different icons to different topic areas
• Numerous program and desktop icons

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