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The Bildebarbeitungsprogramm ShiftN offers help in the correction of "falling lines".



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There are countless image editing programs that you can download for free. Some of them are pretty powerful, but only ShiftN offers the ultimate software for the optimization of the perspective of your images.

There are image editing programs like sand on the sea. Color balance, funny effects or texts you want to - insert almost any freeware application offers you today enough ways to spice up your photos or to make up for flaws and errors. But only ShiftN can change the perspective of the photo, to still automatically! The freeware-tool the lines and the angles of buildings or other edges, which were photographed and resembles accepts these on a frontal perspective, consequently it draws these lines almost vertically. This requires a very special program structure and detection software that is useful primarily for architects and amateur photographers who photographed particularly high building from the bottom.

ShiftN distinguishes itself due to the simple and clear user interface, as well as the extremely effective functioning in addition to the special operation. The success rate for difficult cases has been demonstrated in numerous tests – ShiftN flips the image almost always in the right direction and at the right angle. You're even not quite satisfied with the result of the automatic correction, you can also individually modify settings and make changes. ShiftN has not only a perspective error correction feature, but offers many more applications to edit your images. Architecture photos belong to "atürzenden line" since the past ShiftN. The simple and target-oriented program leaves no wish unfulfilled - just try it out!

Description of the version: ShiftN

In the latest version of the Bildebarbeitungs software ShiftN 3.6, you can use more convenience options to optimize your images. The simpler user interface allows a more effective work, also the program structure has been modified by ShiftN so that the error rate could be reduced. Overall, the latest version 3.6 is no longer so prone to error as the predecessor versions of ShiftN what particularly positive will fall on you, if you wish to update the older versions.

The most important innovations of ShiftN version 3.6

• More comfort for the settings and functions
• New program surface allows more effective work
• Improved program structure for reduction of malfunctions
• Removed bugs of previous versions

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